Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: T.I.M.E. - T.I.M.E. (PSYCHEDELIC POP US 1968)

1 June 2009


time,Trust_In_Men_Everywhere,psychedelic-rocknroll,smooth_ball,1968,steppenwolf,front"T.I.M.E. - T.I.M.E." (PSYCHEDELIC US 1968)

"T.I.M.E."- an acronym for "Trust In Men Everywhere" - are one of the great West Coast groups of the 1960s.
"T.I.M.E." evolved from a San Diego act "The Hard Times" (see "The Hard Times - Blew Mind" 60s Garage Folk-Rock US 1968), who were active between 1966 and 1967.
Their early line-up featured "Rudy Romero" (vocals), "Lee Keifer" (vocals, guitar), "Bill Richardson" (lead guitar), "Bob Morris" (bass guitar) and "Paul Wheatbread" (drums).
"The Hard Times" quickly relocated themselves in Los Angeles, where they became one of the in-house attractions on "Dick Clark"'s daily television show, "Where The Action Is".

T.I.M.E.: "Steve Rumph" (East), "Bill Richardson" (West), "Nick St. Nicholas" (North), "Larry Byrom" (South); Original photography and design "Peter Whorf Graphics"

Sadly, they did not gamer the some success as fellow-featured bands "Paul Revere and The Raiders" and "Don and The Goodtimes", and "Lee Keifer" was soon lured away for a solo career.
"Larry Byrom" (guitar) replaced "Lee Keifer", after which "The Hard Times" completed their lone album, issued on "World Pacific Records" in 1967. "The Hard Times - Blew Mind", was not a commercial success and the group split up soon after its release.
Although "Rudy Romero" worked, without making an impact, as a solo singer, it was "Paul Wheatbread" who found success upon joining the remnants of another San Diego-based band, "The Outcasts".

The new group, "Gary Puckett and The Union Gap", secured four gold discs between 1967 and 1968, charting in the US and UK with "Woman, Woman", "Young Girl" and "Lady Willpower".
Meanwhile "Bill Richardson" and "Larry Byrom" had teamed with "Nick St. Nicholas", ex-bassist with "The Sparrows".
Originally based in Toronto, "The Sparrows" were one of Canada's leading groups, recording several excellent singles, notably "Tomorrow's Ship".
Frustrated over an impasse in fortune, "The Sparrows" moved to Los Angeles, changed their name to "Steppenwolf", but shed "Nick St. Nicholas" in the process.
Early in 1968 he, "Larry Byrom" and "Bill Richardson" were joined by drummer "Steve Rumph" and "T.I.M.E." was formed.
Through "The Hard Times" association, the new quartet was signed to "World Pacific Records" a parent company, "Liberty Records".
"T.I.M.E." (Trust In Men Everywhere) ("Liberty Records" LST 7558, 1968) revealed the lighter side of the group's metier, especially on "Make It Alright" and "What Would Like Be Without It", both of which were issued as singles.

The set exudes a musical confidence - "Larry Byrom" is superb throughout - but changes in personnel ensued soon after the album was issued.
"Steve Rumph" was ousted in favour of "Pat Couchois" and, more crucially, "Nick St. Nicholas" opted to rejoin his former "The Sparrows" colleagues in "Steppenwolf", replacing "John Morgan".
The first "T.I.M.E." long player is a pretty good mixture of Psychedelic, Sunshine Pop and late 60s Garage Rock.

see also T.I.M.E. - Smooth Ball (PSYCHEDELIC HARD-ROCK US 1969)


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Wow so many great postings!

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Another one I had on vinyl and sold during a desperate "need to weed out some records so I have room on the shelves" session! Thanks.

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Me too and it came from the Band.

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i remember t.i.m.e. played the green power love-in on july 4, 1969 at venice beach

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I have the band's Smoothe Ball album. They were a geat band.