Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Summerhill - Summerhill (PSYCHEDELIC US 1969)

15 July 2010

Summerhill - Summerhill (PSYCHEDELIC US 1969)

summerhill,1969,Tetragrammaton,psychedelic-rocknroll,parker,polydor,front"SUMMERHILL - SUMMERHILL" (PSYCHEDELIC US 1969)

Summerhill were formed in Los Angeles in 1968 by "Doug Burger" (drums, percussion), "Larry Hickman" (rhythm guitar), "Alan Parker" (vocals, lead guitar and rhythm guitar) and "Del Ramos" (bass guitar).
Produced by "David Briggs" and recoreded at "Wally Heider Studio 3" in Hollywood, CA during 1969, their eponymous album "Summerhill" ("Bill Cosby"'s record label Tetragrammaton T-114, 1969) features ten original compositions, all four members contributed material giving the album a diverse, but occasionally unfocused feel.

Summerhill's only and underrated album possibly failed to find an audience because it never settles on any particular style, plus I assume that "Tetragrammaton Records" were pretty underground, despite having "Deep Purple"'s "The Book Of Taliesyn" on their catalogue.

summerhill,1969,Tetragrammaton,psychedelic-rocknroll,parker,poco,label,promoSummerhill Promo copy Tetragrammaton T-114, US 1969

The set certainly sported a late-1960s West Coast vibe, bouncing all over the musical spectrum, including Hendrix-Rock style ("Bring Me Around"), Sunshine Pop ("Soft Voice"), "Curt Boettcher"-influenced Psychedelic Folk-Rock ("Follow Us"), a touch of Jazz ("What Can I Say"), and brushes with more experimental moves (check out the aural meltdown on side two's "The Bird").

Summerhill Polydor copy 583 746, UK 1969

Elsewhere Summerhill's album was interesting for showing the band as an early exponent of Country-Rock.
"Alan Parker"'s pretty Country-flavored ballad "The Last Day" was every bit as good as anything being released by "The Byrds", "The Buffalo Springfield", or Poco (who's "Rusty Young" provided pedal steel guitar.
"Alan Parker"'s Fuzz guitar propelled "My Way (Hard for You)" would have sounded right at home on one of Byrds' Preflyte album.
"Friday Morning's Paper", which is a magically psychedelic concoction of staggering drums, veiled vocals, drugged strings and Raga guitars belonging on any compilation of this sort.
Even better was the Fuzz guitar and feedback drenched in the killer guitar Pop song "It's Gonna Rain". A great slice of harmony rich, lysergic soaked Rock.
Tetragrammaton also tapped the album for a single in the form of "The Last Day" b/w "Soft Voice" (Tetragrammaton catalog number 1528 US 1969).


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This post gives a me lot joy and brings back memories of 1970 when I borrowed this lp and recorded it on a reel-to reel tape.
At this time in my country it was hard to get western records so we exchanged records to share the costs.
''The Bird'' ends in a short line from ''The Cry of The Wild Goose'' my favourite folk/country song.

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Do you know a band from California from the 60s' named Collage with a track "looking at a baby"?

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