Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Wheatstone Bridge - Bad Connection (GREAT HARD ROCK US 1976)

31 May 2011

Wheatstone Bridge - Bad Connection (GREAT HARD ROCK US 1976)

Wheatstone_Bridge,Bad_Connection,1976,hard_rock,Kankakee,SanRon_Music,front"WHEATSTONE BRIDGE - BAD CONNECTION" (GREAT HARD ROCK US 1976)

"Wheatstone Bridge" are one of those bands that few people have any information about.
Aside from the fact that the band were based out of Kankakee, Illinois and recorded this LP in 1976 at "Bob Millsap"'s Ironside Studios in Nashville, there are precious few historical traces left behind.
Guitarist, "Joe Bright" was presumably the creative force behind the band, given that he is credited for almost all of the album's songwriting.
It is also safe to say that "Joe Bright" sang the material, although drummer "Kim Berry" and producer "George Marakas" were also credited for some vocal assistance as well.
"Bad Connection" (SanRon Music "SRM 200", 1976) was issued in 1976 by "George Marakas"' publishing/management company, "SanRon Music".

The album failed to break nationally but in hindsight has found a second life in collector's circles. Musically, the band are a tight well-oiled machine (the album was recorded in just 17 hours AM).
There's a slight British influence happening in some of the arrangements and a nice blend of distorted and clean guitar tones. Tracks like "Bad Connection", "Make It Rhyme", "Dance The Whole Night Long", "Thunderock" and "Nightflight" all featuring blistering guitars and stand among the best material on the album.
There are a couple of ballads present as well that lack the immediacy and impact of the heavier tracks.
The production is solid and crisp and the writing is nice and compact.