Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Kinks, All Day and All of the Night: Day by Day Concerts, Recordings, and Broadcasts, 1961-1996

2 February 2012

The Kinks, All Day and All of the Night:
Day by Day Concerts, Recordings, and Broadcasts, 1961-1996

The Kinks, All Day and All of the Night: Day by Day Concerts, Recordings, and Broadcasts, 1961-1996
Doug Hinman
352 pages, Backbeat Books (January 1, 2004)

This book tells the true story of "The Kinks", one of the greatest Pop bands of all time, through the facts about their daily professional lives as they wrote songs, appeared on stage, signed deals, performed for TV and radio stations, and made records in the studio.
"The Kinks" were a great band, and this book shows exactly why.
"The Kinks: All Day And All Of The Night" considers every move in their career, from instant fame in the early 1960s through dissolution and revival in the 1970s, on to stadium success during the 1980s, and an apparently final breakdown in the late 1990s.
"All Day And All Of The Night" profiles one of the most gifted songwriters in popular music, "Ray Davies", and one of Pop's most innovative guitarists, "Dave Davies".

The book reveals a glorious picture of a band of musicians who really were the original punks, often at odds with an industry busily going in the opposite direction.
What emerges from this new and unprecedentedly detailed examination of the band's history is the true story of their career told through the stage shows, recording sessions, broadcasting dates... in short, their every musicial activity.
The easy-to-read, day-by-day format details hundreds of gigs from the international concert history of "The Kinks", logs every known recording session, unravels the band's TV and radio broadcasts, and provides full information on all the major records issued in the US and UK.
The book is the result of author "Doug Hinman"'s 20 years of deep research on the subject and his encyclopaedic knowledge of The Kinks.
"Doug Hinman" has been afforded personal recognition by band members for his grasp of their history and has had their help and assistance in reconstructing this uniquely detailed story.

The_Kinks,Ray_Davies,Dave_Davies,Pete_Quaife,Mick_Avory,pye,1965,psychedelic-rocknrollStories abound throughout the book of great Kinks chart singles, "All Day and All Of The Night", "Lola", "Come Dancing", "Sunny Afternoon", "Tired Of Waiting For You", "You Really Got Me", as well as behind-the-scenes tales from the lesser-known work and the facts surrounding the making of notable albums such as "Face To Face" (1966), "The Village Green Preservation Society" (1968), "Arthur" (1969), "Lola Versus Powerman" (1970), "Misfits" (1978), "Low Budget" (1979), "State Of Confusion" and "Phobia" (1993).
Author "Doug Hinman" lays out "The Kinks"' history in fascinating chronological detail, revealing new stories and fresh insights into the band started by brothers Ray and Dave Davies.
Included in its 352 fact-packed pages are hundreds of photos, gig locations and on-the-spot reviews, detailed examinations of every known recording session, and thorough information about all the band's major record releases.

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