Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: It's All Meat - It's All Meat (GREAT PSYCHEDELIC 60s GARAGE CANADA 1970)

10 April 2015

It's All Meat - It's All Meat (GREAT PSYCHEDELIC 60s GARAGE CANADA 1970)

It's All Meat came from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and released a superb but little-known album on the Columbia Records (Columbia ELS-374 in Canada only, 1970) in 1970.
The band consisted of "Rick Aston" (bass guitar), "Jed MacKay" (organ, piano), "Rick McKim" (drums), "Wayne Roworth" (guitar), and "Norm White" (guitar).
"Jed MacKay" and "Rick McKim" both previously played together with Toronto's Underworld, whose lone single, "Go Away" / "Bound" (Regency Canada R 979, 1968) released in 1968, is considered one of Canada's most sought-after Garage band songs.

Underworld: "Go Away" / "Bound Regency", Regency R979 Canada, 1968

In 1969 "It's All Meat" (the name of the band was inspired by a dog food commercial that boasted "100% meat - no filler") would release their debut 45, "Feel It" coupled with "I Need Some Kind of Definitive Commitment" (Columbia C4-2910, 1969).
The A-side combined MC5 energy with New York Dolls-style swagger and features plenty of feedback and great guitar breaks. It's one of the great proto-punkers.

The music of It's All Meat album sounds like "The Doors" on "Crying into a Deep Lake" and "Self-Confessed Lover", while at other times the band is a dead ringer for hard-rockin' late 60s "The Rolling Stones" on "Make Some Use of Your Friends", "Roll My Own", "You Brought Me Back To My Senses", and "You Don't Know The Time You Waste".
Other tracks are flirted with Blues ("Self-Confessed Lover") and Folk-Rock ("If Only") but the album brightest moments were its two 9-minute marathon compositions.

"Crying Into A Deep Lake" was full-blown Doors psychedelia with spacey keyboards and spooky "Jim Morrison" influenced vocals. The other lengthy track, "Sunday Love", sounds like a strange Lou Reed/John Cale concoction with lots a great Psychedelic guitar noise and soft Folk-like passages sprinkled with light Garage keyboards. So while these last two tracks are very long, they never wear out their welcome and are required listening for both Garage and Psychedelic fans.

It's All Meat is a fine, consistent trip all the way thru. It's one of the best late period Garage Rock albums.


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