Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Blizzards - I'm Your Guy (60s GARAGE BEAT GERMANY 1965)

19 May 2015

The Blizzards - I'm Your Guy (60s GARAGE BEAT GERMANY 1965)

"The Blizzards" not to be confused with the entirely different Dutch band of the same era named "Cuby and The Blizzards", were "Gerd 'Jerry' Dethlefs" (guitar, vocals), "Gernot Schäfer" (bass guitar, vocals), "Joachim Beutler" (guitar, vocals), "Dieter Meyer" (drums), a 60s Garage Beat band from Stade, Germany.
They appeared during the 1962-69 German Beat wave season. In the course of a STAR-CLUB-competition, "Sigi E. Loch", promoter and producer of musical talents has discovered and helped them to acend to a most significant show career.

The Blizzards in 1964 near Bremervörde, Germany

As a German Beat group, the band produced radio and television performances, performed as accompanying band (e.g. for "Davy Jones", "Tony Cavanaugh", "Drafi Deutscher" and "Howard Carpendale") completed on tour performances and produced several singles as well as, one LP ("I'm Your Guy", Fontana Records 885 424, 1965).

In the special character of the band, creation of personal compositions is distinctive, with lyrics in German, the vocals in polyphonic harmony, by their rounded-up intonation oriented to the sound of "The Beatles" and "The Hollies".

The Blizzards: "I'm Your Guy" / "108 Pounds Of Heartache", Fontana Records 269 333 TF, Germany 1965

Richie Unterberger: They play in a rough'n'ready style heavily influenced by the British Invasion, though with a jagged attack (especially rhythmically) that makes it a little distinct from UK bands operating in similar areas.

"Faithless Sleep" gets the nod as the best track due to its eerie swells of what sound like tone pedal guitar. A few other cuts that fall outside the usual sub-British Invasion aping add variety, especially the horror-rock organ-dominated "Dr. Jekyll", "The Shadows"-like instrumental "Blue Star", and the quite good surf-style instrumental "Blizzards".

They split in 1969.