Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Complex - The Way We Feel (MONSTER GARAGE PSYCHEDELIC UK 1971)

Complex - The Way We Feel (MONSTER GARAGE PSYCHEDELIC UK 1971)



Armed with a good live following and strong self composed material, Complex's obvious next step was to gain record company interest.
Rather than follow the traditional route of sending demo tapes or attempt to persuade A&R men to leave their comfortable London offices, the group decided to make an LP and send it to record companies in order to gain some attention.
Remarkably, the "The Way We Feel" album was recorded at a local pub in between opening hours, with vocal overdubs being added at "Brian J. Lee"'s home.
Through a contact with "Graham Atkinson", an employee of "Granada TV", the group were able to add sound effects to the tapes.
He was given a credit as sound engineer by way of thanks, and the tapes were then sent to Craighall Studios in Scotland to be pressed.
Barring a handful of test pressings, only 99 copies were pressed (thus avoiding purchase tax).

The album's striking red and black artwork was drawn by bass guitar player "Lance Fogg" and sent to a local printers to have sleeves made.
However an error was discovered when the band attempted to slide the records into their sleeves.
Rather than make sleeves to house a 12 inch LP, the printer had made the sleeves exactly 12 inches wide, leaving no room for clearance.
The end result of this mistake is that today, most surviving copies of the LP have a split seam.
This was not to be the only problem with the album.
Upon playing the newly received LP's, the band were to discover, that the sound quality was less than perfect, giving a 'thin' sound and noticeable surface noise.
Complex'"The Way We Feel" material for the second album was recorded at 107 studios, which in truth was the number of Brian's house.
The tapes were sent to Deroy Sound in Carnforth, and in June of 1971 the second album, "The Way We Feel" was released.
This tied in nicely with "The Complex"'s most impressive gig to date.
On the 4th of June, Complex were to share the bill with "Mungo Jerry" and "Ashton Gardner" and Dyke, playing to a sell out 2000 audience at Blackpool's Empress ballroom.

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