Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Goldenrod - Goldenrod (PSYCHEDELIC HARD ROCK US 1969)

Goldenrod - Goldenrod (PSYCHEDELIC HARD ROCK US 1969)

Goldenrod were "Ben Benay" (guitar), "Jeremiah Obern Scheff" (bass guitar) and "Toxey French" (percussions), from Los Angeles, a part of the "Our Productions" crew, along with "Mike Deasy", "Lee Mallory" and "Curt Boettcher".
As part of this talented group of people, they contributed to numerous albums and sessions in addition to those released as Goldenrod.
Some of these included "Tommy Roe", Darius, "Nancy Sinatra", "Kim Fowley", "Friar Tuck And His Psychedelic Guitar", "Bobby Jameson", "The Grass Roots" and backing "The Association" on their first two albums.
Much of this session work was done on a 'conveyor belt' system; with all the instrumental tracks being cut at "Gary Paxton"'s studio, and vocals for the more well known acts cut at "Columbia Records".

All three had earlier played with Ballroom with "Curt Boettcher" and together with Mallory, they formed the basis of the original line-up of Millennium. All three left when it looked like Millennium would turn into a 'proper' band rather than a studio project.
Goldenrod are also thought to have backed "Lee Mallory" live.
The Goldenrod album was recorded 1969 in Hollywood originally released on "Chartmaker Records" (CSG 1101, 1969), contains four elongated tracks consisting of extended and improvised jamming with mystical titles, such as "Karmic Dream Sequences" and "Descent Of The Cyclopeans". The former was written by "Curt Boettcher" and "Lee Mallory", and was later also recorded by "The Millennium".

"Descent Of Cyclopeans", was a song with a riff that grabs you from the start and with a strong bass line.
"In The Gator Society" touches shine "Ben Benay" who attacks with a guitar solo accompanied by an excellent rhythm section, is particularly low. Sound is deep, dirty places and, with a 60s Garage vibe.
Without a doubt this album will fill your expectations.
The original first press of this vinyl LP is very rare.