Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: FARFISA COMPACT ORGAN (1964 - 1969)

22 January 2009


"FARFISA COMPACT" Series (1964 - 1969)

The "Farfisa Compact Organ" series had four models.
On the "Farfisa Compact Organ Duo" dual manual organs, tone and volume were regulated by controls on the F/AR combination preamp, reverb and power supply unit.
On most other models the tone controls and a bass section volume were located on an indented panel on the rear of the keyboard.
Underneath the keyboards, a knee-high lever could be actuated for the tone boost feature, turned on by rocker levers on the console.
All models had reverb except for the "Mini-Compact Organ"
Optional feature: 13-note bass pedals (not for the "Mini-Compact Organ").

The "Farfisa Compact Organ" is simply one of the most basic keyboard instruments you'll ever play, yet it is so incredibly versatile for many genres of music. Although the "Farfisa Compact Organ" is quite heavy, it is still rather very portable and movable.
It is built like a tank, although the one I have is quite well used and I think its time to get a better-conditioned "Farfisa Compact Organ".

Overall, the construction is solid and the analog transistorized electronics give the organ a rather unique, exclusive sound separating it from any other keyboard that is able to replicate its sound; in other matter what some other people say, I don't think any keyboard will truly come close to replicating every nuance and detail of "Farfisa Compact Organ";

ranging all the way from the classic key click, hiss, transistor hum, and tube preamp hiss and overdrive.