Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Michael Angelo - Michael Angelo 'The Guinn Album' (FABULOUS PSYCHEDELIC FOLK-ROCK US 1977)

25 January 2009

Michael Angelo - Michael Angelo 'The Guinn Album' (FABULOUS PSYCHEDELIC FOLK-ROCK US 1977)


"Michael Angelo" 1977 (Guinn 1050) [1000p]

Fabulous dreamy Psychedelic-flavored Folk-Rock and Anglo-pop shrouded in the early hippie vibe despite the vintage.
Light and melodic in an Los Angeles 1967 and Donovan direction, while the lyrics hint at darker dimensions beneath the seductive surface.
Possible points of reference are "Bobb Trimble" and the 2nd side of "Marcus - House Of Trax", and don't doubt for a minute this is just as good.
Use of piano on some tracks bring in a singer/songwriter sound, while retaining the 60's feel.
"Michael Angelo" was very solid and well-written LP that is loved by many, one of the classics of the local/private press field.

Despite its deluxe profile the German reissue is somewhat inferior< in sound.
An album of previously unreleased material titled "Sorcerer's Dream" ("Void Records", 1999) may be worth checking out for fans of "the Guinn album". [PL]
Side one of this album is as good as anything, a truly lovely blend of Pop, Folk-Rock and light Psychedelia.
Like the best music, it's of its time but evokes many great artists from before its time.
He has a terrific voice too.
Like Anonymous and J. Rider this is just plain great songwriting and performance, and whatever may or may not be Psychedelic is secondary.
Side two is pretty great too, but repeats a few of the ideas from the first side, and overall this maybe ends up being a notch below "The Zerfas" or "Anonymous", which still makes it in the TOP 10 or so for private press LPs.
It's something everyone should hear.
A CD reissue would be very welcome. [AM]


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