Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Music Machine - The Ultimate Turn On cd 2 (SUPERB PSYCHEDELIC GARAGE US 1966)

19 January 2009

The Music Machine - The Ultimate Turn On cd 2 (SUPERB PSYCHEDELIC GARAGE US 1966)



Over twenty years ago, Big Beat reissued Garage Rock legends "The Music Machine"'s classic 1966 debut "TURN ON" on vinyl.
I now present that same groundbreaking album in a gloriously expanded, remastered 2-CD format as "THE ULTIMATE TURN ON".
Loaded with a full bonus disc of unissued material, including rehearsal tapes, demos and two eye-popping vintage TV performances, "The Ultimate Turn On" collects together the complete recordings of the original, definitive line-up of the band, famed for their heart-stopping avant-Rock hit "Talk Talk".
Here's what the charismatic, erudite leader of "The Music Machine", "Sean Bonniwell", has to say about "The Ultimate Turn On".

When "Alec Palao"'s all-pro white-collar "ULTIMATE" unfolded from his laptop, a long-awaited treasured aspiration was realized; the definitive works of the original "Music Machine" had at last, arrived.
The continuity of the total presentation is stunning, embodied with a fresh and commanding timelessness that urges the eye, mind (and ear) into inner mechanism of the "The Music Machine"'s collective soul.

he_Music_Machine,sean_bonniwell,garage_punk,TALK_TALK,COME_ON_IN,DURIUM,DE_2663_1966,ITALY,psychedelic-rocknroll,single_45rpmThe Music Machine: "Talk Talk" / "Come On In", Durium DE 2663, Italy 1966

It's as if a layer of "The Music Machine" mystique has been meticulously unearthed and artfully reassembled by a gifted - technically advanced - music paleontologist [Palao-ontologist]: The once buried ultimate understanding of Garage Rock, "Music Machine" style, is, as of this release, brought to light as if shining on a newly arisen plateau.
This is but one aspect of "The Ultimate Turn On"'s artful intentions: the re-mastered MONO "Music Machine" classics are nothing short of brilliant -- a painfully overdue resurrection of the band's dedicated and hard fought-for standard of excellence, not to mention maintenance thereof.

The deal is, "The Music Machine"'s modus operandi is now an open hand of cards.
The consummate "Music Machine" fan, the purist - disciples of the era and critics alike - are now able to hear "The Music Machine"'s inner gears refine, polish, and re-cut its diamonds in the rough; the rehearsal garage tapes reveal this in spades, being most evident in "Discrepancy", "Masculine Intuition", and "The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly" (to name just three).
As for the aforementioned classic re-mastered MONO "Music Machine" tracks -- and the "Ultimate Turn On" package as a whole, it is sonically glorious.
A final, ultimate suggestion; with the possible exception of "Big Beat"'s early re-issue, you now have our official permission to throw away all previously released "Turn On" compilations; those products are deformed bastard children of blue-collar wanna-be deaf-mutes.

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