Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Rolling Stones - Vol. 1, The Rolling Stones (JAPANESE Edition UK 1965)

19 January 2009

The Rolling Stones - Vol. 1, The Rolling Stones (JAPANESE Edition UK 1965)

"THE ROLLING STONES - The Rolling Stones" (1965)

"The Rolling Stones" (Decca LK 4605) is the debut album by "The Rolling Stones", released in the UK in April 1964.
The US edition of the LP, with a slightly different track list, came out the following month, under the title "England's Newest Hit Makers" (London Records ‎– PS-375).
Recorded at "Regent Sound Studios" in London over the course of five days in January and February 1964, "The Rolling Stones" was produced by then-managers "Andrew Loog Oldham" and "Eric Easton".
"The Rolling Stones" was originally released by "Decca Records" in the UK, while the US "England's Newest Hitmakers" appeared on the "London Records" label, with the track "Not Fade Away" (the a-side of the band's third UK single) replacing "Mona (I Need You Baby)".
The majority of the tracks reflect the band's love for authentic R&B material.
"Mick Jagger" and "Keith Richards" were very much fledging songwriters during early 1964, contributing only one original composition to the album: "Tell Me (You're Coming Back)".

The Rolling Stones ‎– The Rolling Stones, (London Records ‎– MH 190, Japan 1965)

On 12 July 1962 the group played their first formal gig at "The Marquee Club", billed as "The Rolling Stones".
The line-up was "Mick Jagger", "Keith Richards", "Brian Jones", "Mick Taylor" on bass and "Tony Chapman" on drums.
"Brian Jones" intended for the band to play primarily Chicago Blues, but "Mick Jagger" and "Keith Richards" brought the Rock'n'Roll of "Chuck Berry" and "Bo Diddley" to the band.
Bassist "Bill Wyman" joined in December and drummer "Charlie Watts" the following January to form "The Rolling Stones"' long-standing rhythm section.

The "The Rolling Stones"' first manager, "Giorgio Gomelsky", booked the band to play at his Crawdaddy Club for what became an eight-month residency.
A young ex-publicist of "The Beatles", "Andrew Loog Oldham", signed the band to a management deal.
"The Rolling Stones" embarked on their first UK tour in July 1963 and played their first gig outside of London on Saturday 13 July at "The Outlook Club" in Middlesbrough; they shared the billing that night with "The Hollies".

The Rolling Stones during 1964

After signing "The Rolling Stones" to a tape-lease deal with Decca, "Andrew Loog Oldham" booked the band on their first big UK tour in the autumn of 1963.
They were billed as a supporting act for American stars including "Bo Diddley", "Little Richard" and "The Everly Brothers".
Prior to this tour, in July 1963, the band's first single, "Chuck Berry"'s "Come On" reached number 21 in the UK.
In November 1963, the "The Rolling Stones" had a bigger hit with a rendition of the Lennon/McCartney composition "I Wanna Be Your Man", which went to number 12 on the UK charts.

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