Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Colours - Colours (BRILLIANT PSYCHEDELIC SUNSHINE US 1968)

21 February 2009


the_Colours,colours,psychedelic-rocknroll,moon,dalton,montgomery,motown,dot,sunshine,west_coast,Gary_Montgomery,Jack_Dalton,front"COLOURS - COLOURS" (BRILLIANT PSYCHEDELIC SUNSHINE US 1968)

"The Colours" were a West-Coast Psychedelic Pop act that came together in 1967 at the request of songwriters, "Jack Dalton" and "Gary Montgomery", two hard-working, former Motown Records songwriters who also penned songs for "The Turtles", "Nino and April" and "The Moon".
Essentially a 'studio project' Colours' eponymous album was assembled over several months in late 1967, and subsequently issued by "Dot Records" the following year.

"Dot Records", had little experience dealing with a band like Colours and thusly the album failed to explode as a result of their poor marketing.
To call this an unsung gem is an understatement.
"Colours" is a brilliant Beatlesque masterpiece that, while somewhat derivative, is rife with buoyant arrangements, strong melodic hooks and sophisticated soundscapes.
From beginning to end, the album is tight and focused.

the_Colours,colours,psychedelic-rocknroll,moon,dalton,montgomery,motown,dot,sunshine,west_coast,Gary_Montgomery,Jack_Dalton,backLike a cross between "Left Banke", "The Beatles" and "The Moon", the band's slight Psychedelic temperament is perfectly balanced with their impeccable musicianship and pitch perfect harmonies.
One listen to the opener, "Bad Day At Black Rock, Baby" and their mission is crystal clear.
The band never relents and at its conclusion, "Colours" leaves you wanting more...

Colours' engineer is "Brian Ross"...see "The Music Machine".


Anonymous said...

Ultra Rare!!! Well Done

Anonymous said...

Another one that should have been a hit. A fantastic LP.