Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Earth Island - We Must Survive (PSYCHEDELIC SUNSHINE US 1969)

5 February 2009

Earth Island - We Must Survive (PSYCHEDELIC SUNSHINE US 1969)

earth_island,we_must_survive,1969,psychedelic-rocknroll,philips,FRONT"EARTH ISLAND - WE MUST SURVIVE" (PSYCHEDELIC SUNSHINE US 1969)

"Earth Island"'s "We Must Survive" ("Philips Records" PHS600-340) is a Sunshine Psychedelic gem.

The sounds are definitely the real deal and recall the better moments of "Curt Boettcher"'s and "Gary Usher"'s.
"Earth People's Park" takes a little of "Brian Wilson"'s pocket symphony idea to heart with it's multiple sections, as does the somewhat harder rocking "Ride The Universe"; forsaking straight up lead vocals, most of the songs rely on a weave of harmonies that compare favorably with just about anyone else.

Highlights: "Earth People's Park" "This Island Earth" and "Ride The Universe" stand out to me.
If you can get your hands on it and enjoy Psychedelic-lite/Millennium-style 60's Pop, I recommend you this album.
The album was produced by music GURU "Kim Fowley" and is rumored to include "Skip Battin" doing some session work on bass guitar.