Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Stained Glass - Aurora (PSYCHEDELIC FOLK-ROCK US 1969)

5 February 2009

Stained Glass - Aurora (PSYCHEDELIC FOLK-ROCK US 1969)

Stained_Glass,aurora,psychedelic-rocknroll,garage_front"STAINED GLASS - AURORA" (PSYCHEDELIC FOLK-ROCK US 1969)

"Stained Glass" was more a Folk-Rock band than a Psychedelic band; started out in 1966 playing Beatles cover versions, like every Garage band, in San Jose.
Originally recording for "RCA Records" they issued a series of singles.
The first two, which were a mixture of Folk and Merseybeat, met with some local success.

Stained_Glass,aurora,psychedelic-rocknroll,garage_frontThe best song was "We Got A Long Way To Go", a driving Rock'n'Roll song with immediate appeal, which was a big hit in San Jose during April 1967, and in UK.
They moved to "Capitol Records" in the Spring of 1968, issuing three singles and two albums.

Both albums were quite highly-rated, but failed to make much impact and the "Stained Glass" disbanded in November 1969.
Here "Stained Glass"' Aurora (ST 242), regarded by some as the better of the band's 2 albums.


Anonymous said...

Su primer disco es genial espero bajar este disco y comentar ..gracias por el disco

Anonymous said...

hi, maybe do not read very well (my english is low), maybe it is not written in the part...
pleas, do anybody know, how is called their first album?
thank you
and if it could be, some link about the first album will be very nice for me :)

Anonymous said...

Crazy Horse Roads is the title of the first album by The Stained Glass. It is on Capitol record label.