Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Kaleidoscope - Side Trips (ECLECTIC PSYCHEDELIA US 1967)

The Kaleidoscope - Side Trips (ECLECTIC PSYCHEDELIA US 1967)

the_kaleidoscope,side_trips,Lindley,Darrow,Feldthouse,egyptian_garden,monterey_pop,1967,front"THE KALEIDOSCOPE - SIDE TRIPS" (ECLECTIC PSYCHEDELIA US 1967)

"The Kaleidoscope" was formed in Los Angeles in 1966 by "David Lindley" (banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals), "Solomon Feldthouse" (saz bouzoukee, dobro, vina, doumbeg, dulcimer, fiddle, guitar, clarinet), "Chester Crill" [aka "Fenrus Epp", "Tempelton Parcely", "Max Buda"] (violin, bass, organ, harmonica), "Chris Darrow" (banjo, mandolin, fiddle, autoharp, harmonica, clarinet), "John Vidican" (drums and percussion) and founded on democratic principles – there was NO 'leader'.They soon began performing live in clubs, winning a recording contract with "Epic Records".
The first single, "Please", was released in December 1966.

It was produced by "Barry Friedman", as was their first album "Side Trips", released in June 1967.
KALEIDOSCOPE's "Side Trips" showcased the group's musical diversity and multi-instrumentalists "David Lindley"'s studio experimentation. It included "Solomon Feldthouse"'s "Egyptian Gardens", "Chris Darrow"'s "Keep Your Mind Open", and versions of "Cab Calloway"'s "Minnie The Moocher" and "Dock Boggs"' "Oh Death".

the_kaleidoscope,side_trips,Lindley,Darrow,Feldthouse,egyptian_garden,monterey_pop,1967,troubadorFor reasons that have never been made clear, "Chester Crill" was credited as "Fenrus Epp" on the first album.
the_kaleidoscope,side_trips,Lindley,Darrow,Feldthouse,egyptian_garden,western,eastern,monterey_pop,1967,Kaleidoscope,promoLike a 'mind-boggling' combination of "Summer of Love", "Acid-Rock" and a Middle Eastern jam session, "Side Trips", even in the eye of the Psychedelic HURRICANE, as something altogether different!

the_kaleidoscope,side_trips,Lindley,Darrow,Feldthouse,egyptian_garden,western,eastern,monterey_pop,1967,promoThe genre-defying sound of Kaleidoscope's 1967 debut "Side Trips", recorded on some of the first eight-track recording machines in America, anticipated the World Beat movement by decades.
The eclectic nature of their music allowed them the opportunity to perform with a wide spectrum of artists including "Jimi Hendrix", "The Doors", "Taj Mahal", "The Byrds", "Ike and Tina Turner", "Bo Diddley", Steppenwolf, "The Grateful Dead", "The Impressions" and "Procol Harum".

kaleidoscope,side_trips,Lindley,Darrow,Feldthouse,egyptian_garden,western,eastern,monterey_pop,1967,vitoKaleidoscope even gigged outside of the "Monterey Pop Festival", playing to the Hells Angels.
When they entertained the wide-eyed customers of San Francisco's Fillmore and "Avalon Ballroom" and Los Angeles' "Ash Grove", they frequently employed flamenco and belly dancers on stage.

the_kaleidoscope,side_trips,Lindley,Darrow,Feldthouse,egyptian_garden,western,eastern,monterey_pop,1967,sundazedJust like the see-through tube with bits of colored glass and mirrors that gave the band their name, "The Kaleidoscope" was never the same, no matter which way you turned it!