Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Moon - Without Earth and The Moon (PSYCHEDELIC SUNSHINE US 1968 1969)

The Moon - Without Earth and The Moon (PSYCHEDELIC SUNSHINE US 1968 1969)

The_Moon,moon,1968,without_earth,psychedelic-rocknroll,The_beach_boys,imperial,Matthew_moore,marks"THE MOON - WITHOUT EARTH" AND "THE MOON - THE MOON" (PSYCHEDELIC SUNSHINE US 1968 1969)

"The Moon" recorded two albums (in 1968 and 1969 for "Imperial Records") that were both heavily influenced by the British invasion sound of "The Beatles".
"The Moon" were somewhat of a second tier 60's rock Super Group: headed by "David Marks" (lead guitar) and "Matthew Moore".
At 14, circa 1962, "David Marks" joined "The Beach Boys" as a rhythm guitarist (the Wilsons were his neighbors in Hawthorne, CA) when "Al Jardine" left their lineup to attend dental school.
"David Marks" appeared on the first five Beach Boys albums and several hit singles, including "Surfin' Safari" and "Surfin' U.S.A.".
When "Al Jardine" returned, "David Marks", just 16, became the leader of "Dave and The Marksmen", who had localized hits with "Cruisin'", "I Wanna Cry", and "I Could Make You Mine".

The_Moon,1968,without_earth,psychedelic-rocknroll,beach_boys,marks,I_Could_Make_You_Mine,I_Wanna_CryDave and The Marksmen: "I Could Make You Mine" / "I Wanna Cry" On Warner Brothers Records # 5485 DJPromo copy, 1964

"David Marks" then formed "The Band Without a Name", who recorded two singles for "Tower Records" and "Sidewalk Records" and were the house band at two Sunset Strip clubs, circa 1965-1966.
After leaving this group, "David Marks" formed "The Moon" with organ/pianist/vocalist "Matthew Moore", who penned most of the band's songs.
The other Moon members were bassist "David P. Jackson" (ex- "Hearts and Flowers", who had two LPs on "Capitol Records" in the late '60s) and drummer "Larry Brown" (ex- "Davie Allan and The Arrows" and a veteran of countless film soundtracks and those Sidewalk/Tower releases that were produced by "Mike Curb")

"The Moon"'s debut, "Without Earth", is by far the stronger record with more Psychedelic (today, "David Marks" admits these were produced under the influence of LSD, and sound "like a cross between The Bee Gees, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix") arrangements and a greater consistency.
There's a clear "The Beatles"'"Magical Mystery Tour" feel to this album and the group covers two songs off Colours' (Colours was another British Invasion inspired late 1960s band who was recording their album had the same time as "The Moon") debut album.
Of the two tracks, "Brother Lou's Love Colony" catches the ear most, with its nice little sitar flourishes and "The Beatles" influenced bridge.
The remaining 10 tracks are "Matthew Moore" originals, all really good but none sound like they could have reached top 40 radio.

The_Moon,moon,1968,without_earth,psychedelic-rocknroll,The_beach_boys,imperial,Matthew_moore,marks"The Moon" hit a good Hard-Rock groove on "Got To Be On My Way", a tune notable for its liquid distorted guitar.
"I Should Be Dreaming" and "Walking Around" are spacey Psychedelic Pop gems whose backward cymbals glitter and flicker while the sitars and vocal echo help convey an authentic acid experience.
One of the best tracks off the album, "Someday Girl", is a beautiful venture into Soft Pop with a heavenly melody and even prettier strings.

The_Moon,moon,1968,without_earth,psychedelic-rocknroll,The_beach_boys,marks,MOTHERS_and_FATHERS,SOMEDAY_GIRL,IMPERIAL_66285The Moon: "Mothers And Fathers" / "Someday Girl", Imperial Records 66285, 1968

Another similar track, "Face", sports a nice pro sound with GREAT Fuzz bass and a catchy chorus while "Give Me More" achieves fragile beauty.
Moon's "Without Earth" contains compelling melodies, stellar harmonies, incredible orchestration, and 60s Psychedelic sound throughout.
There simply is not a poor track on "Without Earth": it starts out on an high - from the piano pounding "Mothers and Fathers", to "The Beatles"' "Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" mellotron melodies of "Pleasure", and the sitar-drenched Colours cover of "Brother Lou's Love Colony".

The_Moon,moon,without_earth,1969,psychedelic-rocknroll,The_beach_boys,imperial,Matthew_moore,marks,FRONTMoon's second album, simply titled "The Moon", has a more rounded sound production, but not nearly as Psychedelic as the debut LP, losing a lot of the "The Beatles"' orchestrated Psychedelic touches, did retain the more soulful side of the late 60's brand of "The Beatles"' Pop (think "Paul McCartney" and his piano led songwriting style coupled with his lead vocals).
There is a heavier use of lead guitars and piano led tracks, with less distinctive songwriting.
More laid back, but still some real good gems too.
If you haven't picked up this underground band that never got the attention they deserved, highly recommend picking it up and adding it to your Psychedelic collection!