Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Spencer Davis Group - Their First Lp (JAPANESE Edition UK BEAT 1965)

24 February 2009

The Spencer Davis Group - Their First Lp (JAPANESE Edition UK BEAT 1965)

Spencer_Davis_Group,Steve_Winwood,gimme_some_lovin,somebody_help_me,psychedelic-rocknroll,muff,traffic,i_m_a_man,japanese,front"THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - THEIR FIRST LP" (JAPANESE EDITION UK BEAT 1965)

One of the most exciting and influential groups to come out of Birmingham in the early 1960s, "The Spencer Davis Group" is recognized for their classic and ground-breaking recordings as well as for launching "Steve Winwood"'s music career.
"The Spencer Davis Group" was formed in Birmingham, England in the early 1960s as The Rhythm and Blues Quartet.

It featured "Spencer Davis" on guitar and vocals, "Steve Winwood" on guitar, organ and vocals, "Muff Winwood" on bass and "Pete York" on drums.
"Spencer Davis", "Muff Winwood" and "Pete York" already had a background in playing skiffle, Jazz and Blues.

Spencer_Davis_Group,Steve_Winwood,gimme_some_lovin,somebody_help_me,psychedelic-rocknroll,muff,traffic,i_m_a_man,japanese,skiffle,beatThe songs performed and recorded by "The Spencer Davis Group" in 1965 were covers of existing Blues and R&B standards but "Island Records"' founder "Chris Blackwell" brought in Jamaican singer/songwriter "Jackie Edwards" to compose the next three singles for the group.

Who,Solomon_Burke,Zoot_Money,Cliff_Bennett,The_Rebel_Rousers,John_Mayall_s_Bluesbreakers,Spencer_Davis_Group,Marianne_Faithful,Long_John_Baldry,The_Birds,Dave_Witting,MaUxbridge,1965,posterThe first was "Keep On Running" which was transformed by the group into a rocking R&B number with the addition of a driving bass riff and a unique (for that time) electric "Fuzz Guitar" effect.
The result it had on the record charts was Spectacular with the song knocking "The Beatles" from the top spot and going to No. 1.
"The Spencer Davis Group"'s first LP was rushed to the shops and the band members now had to endure the side-effect of being pursued by screaming girls.

Spencer_Davis_Group,Steve_Winwood,gimme_some_lovin,somebody_help_me,psychedelic-rocknroll,muff,traffic,i_m_a_man,japanese,skiffle,beat,edwardsThe Spencer Davis Group: "Gimme Some Loving" / "When A Man Loves A Woman" / "Keep On Running" / "Somebody Help Me",
EP: Japan 1968 Philips SFL-3173

The follow-up single "Somebody Help Me", also composed by "Jackie Edwards", was not as strong as the previous but still gained another No. 1 position and another "Jackie Edwards"/"Steve Winwood" composition released as the group's next A-side, "When I Come Home", managed to reach the No. 12 spot.

Spencer_Davis_Group,Steve_Winwood,gimme_some_lovin,somebody_help_me,psychedelic-rocknroll,muff,traffic,i_m_a_man,japanese,skiffle,beat,edwards,mini_cooperFor the next single release "The Spencer Davis Group" was pressured by "Chris Blackwell" to come up with their own material, the result of which was probably largely inspired by "Steve Winwood"'s efforts on his "Hammond organ".
"Gimme Some Lovin'" became an instant classic - reaching No. 2 in the British charts and also gaining much attention in the USA.

Spencer_Davis_Group,Steve_Winwood,gimme_some_lovin,somebody_help_me,psychedelic-rocknroll,muff,traffic,i_m_a_man,japanese,skiffle,beat,edwards,gretsch,gibson_firebirdThe Spencer Davis Group: "Gimme Some Loving" / "Blues In 'F'" / "Neighbour, Neighbour" / "Dust My Blues", EP: France 1966 Fontana 465 337 ME

To this day it remains a staple of many party compilations and is probably the most instantly recognizable song by the group (note: the record was re-mixed to include extra piano and vocal backing before getting released in the USA).
"The Spencer Davis Group" uses "H22 Gretsch bass", "Gretsch drums", and Gibson guitars.

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