Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Bunalim - Bunalim (RAW PSYCHEDELIC HARD-ROCK TURKEY 1969-1972)

1 March 2009

Bunalim - Bunalim (RAW PSYCHEDELIC HARD-ROCK TURKEY 1969-1972)


Bunalım (which means "depression" or "frustration" in Turkish), founded in 1969, was one of the most well-known underground groups on the Turkish music scene of the early '70s.
They couldn't succeed well as their approach was very much Wilder and uncompromising than any of their peers at the time.

Although their discography is limited to only a few singles, Bunalım is regarded as a seminal band in Turkish music history, who paved the way for its members to find fame later on in their careers (playing with "Erkin Koray", "Mogollar", "Ter").

bunalim,turkey,psychedelic-rocknroll,Edip_Akbayram,Mogollar,Erkin_Koray,Cem_Karaca,GRUP,POSTER"Grup Bunalım" released 6 singles which are incredibly rare, and never completed a whole album; all singles are in Turkish, start off with a couple tunes that come on like a heavier, wilder version of "The Creation" or "The Troggs"!

Wild, RAW and with Fuzz guitar all over!!!

bunalim,turkey,psychedelic-rocknroll,Edip_Akbayram,Mogollar,Erkin_Koray,Cem_Karaca,GRUPTheir first single "Tas Var Köpek Yok" is very RAW Garage-Punk, their second is in a more Anatolian Rock style.

Then they shift gears, re-focus their Lysergic Energy, and begin adding Turkish elements to their Hard-Rock.

This singles collection is a blend of their work from 1970-1972, and features everything from American-influenced 60's Garage to early Punk experiments to Fuzzed-out Psychedelic heavy Eastern drone, including a cover of Q65's "Get Out Of My Life, Woman" ("Yeter Artik Kadin") sung in Turkish.

bunalim,turkey,psychedelic-rocknroll,Edip_Akbayram,Mogollar,Erkin_Koray,Cem_Karaca,lateBunalım were produced and managed by legendary Turkish Rock musician and instigator of the Anatolian Rock movement "Cem Karaca", one of the most important Rock singers in Turkey during the 1970s.


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