Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Los Saicos - Wild Teen Punk From Perù 1965 (RAW 60s GARAGE PUNK PERU 1965)

19 March 2009

Los Saicos - Wild Teen Punk From Perù 1965 (RAW 60s GARAGE PUNK PERU 1965)

los_saicos,wild_teen_punk_from_peru_1965,GARAGE,PUNK,PSYCHEDELIC-ROCKNROLL,saicomania,Front"LOS SAICOS - WILD TEEN PUNK FROM PERU 1965" (RAW 60s GARAGE PUNK PERU 1965)

"Los Saicos" were a Peruvian Rock band formed in Lince Ward, Lima in 1964 by four amateur musicians just out of high school.
They have come to be considered the most original and influential Latin American Garage Rock band of the 1960s.
"Los Saicos" released six singles (and no LP) between 1965 and 1966, all songs being originals by "Erwin Flores" (guitar and vocals) and "Rolando Carpio" (lead guitar).
Probably the first Punk Band in Latin America.
"Los Saicos", who released all but one single through the small "DisPerú Records", unleashed Saicomania and led the way for dozens of bands throughout Peru.

los_saicos,wild_teen_punk_from_peru_1965,GARAGE,PUNK,PSYCHEDELIC-ROCKNROLL,saicomania,Erwin_Flores,posterThey were not aware of US Garage Rock but, even though they listened mostly to the best-known British Invasion bands like "The Rolling Stones" or "The Animals", they came up with a WILD 60s Garage/Surf sound that is unlike anything else recorded in Latin America at the time, and perhaps only paralleled by "The Sonics" in North America.

los_saicos,wild_teen_punk_from_peru_1965,GARAGE,PUNK,PSYCHEDELIC-ROCKNROLL,saicomania,Erwin_Flores,Rolando_CarpioThe original band's name was to be "Los Sádicos" ("The Sadists") but they were censored so according to their particular sense of humour they deleted one letter and played with the English pronunciation of "Psychos".

los_saicos,wild_teen_punk_from_peru_1965,GARAGE,PUNK,PSYCHEDELIC-ROCKNROLL,saicomania,Erwin_Flores"Los Saicos" were also probably the only 60s Garage band anywhere to have been the most successful Pop act in their country, as they were in 1965.

Their anthem "Demolición" was one of the biggest radio hits of the year in Peru.

los_saicos,wild_teen_punk_from_peru_1965,GARAGE,PUNK,PSYCHEDELIC-ROCKNROLL,saicomania,Erwin_Flores,Rolando_Carpio,demolicion"Los Saicos" combined anger, arrogance, anarchy, and direct (like "The Monks - Black Monk Time") and explicit lyrics with a primitive musical talent (none of their songs last more than 2.30") and the West South American Coast clearest Punk attitude.

"Los Saicos" have become legendary and many myths were created around their short existence and mysterious disappearance.
Recently they revealed that they simply decided to stop playing and began to live normal lives.
"Los Saicos" even had their own national TV program during 1965.