Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Alarm Clocks - Yeah! (60s GARAGE PUNK US 1966)

25 March 2009

The Alarm Clocks - Yeah! (60s GARAGE PUNK US 1966)

The_alarm_clocks_yeah,no_reason_to_complain,garage,psychedelic-rocknroll,punk,ohio,back_from_the_grave,damnation_of_adam_blessing,norton,front"THE ALARM CLOCKS - YEAH!" (60s GARAGE PUNK USA 1966)

"The Alarm Clocks" were formed in 1965 in Parma, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.
"The Alarm Clocks" really seemed to exemplify the qualities and characteristics of the archetypal suburban 60s Garage Punk group.
The original three members bassist and vocalist "Mike Pierce", guitarist "Bruce Boehm" and drummer "Bill Schwark" were students at Parma Senior High School when they started playing together as "The Alarm Clocks" in 1965.

The_alarm_clocks_yeah,no_reason_to_complain,garage,psychedelic-rocknroll,punk,ohio,back_from_the_grave,damnation_of_adam_blessing,norton,single,Awake_107"The Alarm Clocks" recorded two raw slices of 60s Garage Punk, "Yeah!" and "No Reason To Complain" live in a studio in 1966 and released it on their own "Awake Records".

The single "Yeah! / "No Reason To Complain" (Awake Records 107, 1966) were pressed in 200 copies.
"The Alarm Clocks" were essentially a cover band with soft spots for "The Rolling Stones" and "The Kinks".
'We played high schools and battles of the bands, in the greater Cleveland area', "Mike Pierce" said. 'We always had the mind-set we didn't want people to dance. We wanted them to watch us. So we were very animated'.

The_alarm_clocks_yeah,no_reason_to_complain,garage,psychedelic-rocknroll,punk,ohio,back_from_the_grave,damnation_of_adam_blessing,norton,teen"The Alarm Clocks" also went to the studio and recorded live seven more songs in the manner in which they played when they were in front of an audience.
Nothing much came of either venture and "The Alarm Clocks" disbanded in 1967.
This album is truly fine examples of what mid-60s Garage Punk is all about, and are chocked full of attitude, raunch, energy, and enthusiasm.
"Bill Schwark" later joined magnificent "DAMNATION OF ADAM BLESSING".


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