Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Bad Seeds - The Bad Seeds (RHYTHM and BLUES 60s GARAGE US 1965-1966)

9 March 2009

The Bad Seeds - The Bad Seeds (RHYTHM and BLUES 60s GARAGE US 1965-1966)

bad_seeds,zakary_thaks,psychedelic-rocknroll,liberty_bell,j_beck,bubble_puppy,GIBSON_FIREBIRD,GIBSON_ES_330,GIBSON_SG,LUDWIG_DRUMKIT"THE BAD SEEDS - THE BAD SEEDS" (RHYTHM and BLUES 60s GARAGE US 1965-1966)

"The Bad Seeds" were the first Rock group of note to come out of Corpus Christi, Texas, itself a hotbed of Garage Rock activity during the middle/late 1960s.
They started in 1964 when guitarist/singer "Mike Taylor" and bassist "Henry Edgington", then member of a local band called "The Four Winds", met up with lead guitarist "Rod Prince" and drummer "Robert Donahoe", who had been playing in a rival band called "The Titans" until its demise.
"Rod Prince" wanted to form a new group, and he, "Mike Taylor" and "Henry Edgeington" became the core of "The Bad Seeds", who were signed to the local J-Beck label in 1966.

"The Bad Seeds" stayed together long enough to record three singles during 1966, of which two, "A Taste Of The Same" / "I'm a King Bee" and "All Night Long" / "Sick and Tired", are unabashed classics of Blues-based Garage-Punk, three of them originals by "Mick Taylor" (who wrote most of their originals) or "Rod Prince".

bad_seeds,zakary_thaks,psychedelic-rocknroll,liberty_bell,j_beck,bubble_puppy,GIBSON_FIREBIRD,GIBSON_ES_330,GIBSON_SG,LUDWIG_DRUMKITThe Bad Seeds: "A Taste Of The Same" / "I'm A King Bee" J-Beck J 1002, 1965

Even their normally maligned second single, "Zilch Part 1" / "Zilch Part 2", has some worth as a pretty hot pair of throwaway tracks.

The band's sound was the RAUNCHY "Rolling Stones"-influenced Garage-Punk typical of Texas Rock groups in the mid-'60s.
Following the breakup of the group after the summer of 1966, "Mike Taylor" became a writer and producer for the "The Zakary Thaks", another Corpus Christi-based band (who were signed to "J-Beck" after being spotted playing on a bill with "The Bad Seeds").
After they broke up in 1967, singer "Mike Taylor" struck out on his own, attempted to capitalize on the late 60's Folk-Rock trend calling himself, regrettably, "The Fabulous Mike Taylor".
"Rod Prince" went on to become a key member of the legendary band "Bubble Puppy", who were signed to "Lelan Rogers"' "International Artists"' label, and the post-Psychedelic group "The Demian".
This record came out in 1984 from "Eva Records", a French reissue label and apparently the first in three records documenting "Carl Becker"'s "J-Beck" label.