Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Sapphire Thinkers - From Within (PSYCHEDELIC SUNSHINE US 1968)

3 March 2009

The Sapphire Thinkers - From Within (PSYCHEDELIC SUNSHINE US 1968)

Sapphire_thinkers,from_within,1968,psychedelic-rocknroll,Front"THE SAPPHIRE THINKERS - FROM WITHIN" (PSYCHEDELIC SUNSHINE US 1968)

"The Sapphire Thinkers" was an American Psychedelic band who recording only one album,"From Within", ("Hobbit Records 503") in 1968.
"From Within" contains pleasant vocal arrangements/harmonies and nice touches of Acid and Fuzz guitar and is recommended.
If it's light and breezy West-Coast Psychedelic inflected Pop you're looking for, then this band make all the right moves.

Surprisingly GOOD California-sounding melodic/harmony Psychedelic, instantly likable and strong enough to hold your attention for repeat plays.
Elements from disparate sources are brought in ("Curt Boettcher" Sunshine Pop, Bay Area teen top 40 Psychedelic, "Sunset Strip" organ/Fuzz/flute) yet the end result is consistent and convincing, with plenty of strength in the songwriting and arrangements [PL]

Sapphire_thinkers,from_within,1968,psychedelic-rocknroll,Melancholy_Baby,hobbitSapphire Thinkers: "Melancholy Baby"/"Blues On You" ("Hobbit Records" HB 42002)

These are the technically brilliant keyboard backing on most tracks, the stunning lead guitar breaks that really lift several of the tracks, and the sprinkling of flute over the album.

Sapphire_thinkers,from_within,1968,psychedelic-rocknroll,backThe standout tracks are the title track "From Within" and the amazing "I Got To You" which is contains the best harmony work on the album and some beautifully introspective guitar pieces.
Yet another talented bunch of musicians that never received the attention they deserved.