Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Deep - Psychedelic Moods (FIRST PSYCHEDELIC 60s GARAGE US 1966)

3 April 2009

The Deep - Psychedelic Moods (FIRST PSYCHEDELIC 60s GARAGE US 1966)

The_Deep,psychedelic_moods,psychedelic-rocknroll,garage,rusty_evans,new_york,radioactive,first_psychedelic,13th_floor_elavators,third_bardo,Front"THE DEEP - PSYCHEDELIC MOODS" (FIRST PSYCHEDELIC 60s GARAGE US 1966)

"The Deep" was a short-lived American Rock and Roll band formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the mid-1960s.
Their style of Rock and Roll can be characterized as Proto-punk at times, while at others, their music delves into more Psychedelic sounds.
In fact, their biggest claim to fame is probably that the title of their sole album, "The Psychedelic Moods", is most likely the first time the word 'Psychedelic' was used in an album title.
The release date is uncertain, and it may have been later despite the recordings being completed in late August.

Depending on the date, this may be the first LP with the word 'Psychedelic' in the title.
While the exact release date of the album has yet to be definitively established, the record (Cameo Parkway, SP-7051 for Stereo, and P-7051 for Mono, 1966) most likely had been shipped to stores by late October 1966, based on the known release dates and catalogue numbers of other "Cameo-Parkway Records" albums.

The_Deep,psychedelic_moods,psychedelic-rocknroll,garage,rusty_evans,new_york,radioactive,first_psychedelic,13th_floor_elavators,third_bardo,backThis would make it the first album to include the word 'Psychedelic' in its title, beating out "The Blues Magoos"' "Psychedelic Lollipop", released as early as November 1, 1966, and The 13th Floor Elevators' "The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators", released around the last week of November 1966.
Information on the band is sparse at best, and the identity of only one member is known for sure: that of lead guitarist, singer, and songwriter "Rusty Evans" aka "Marcus Uzilevsky".
"Rusty Evans" had performed as a Greenwich Village Folk musician in the late 1950s and early 1960s, sharing stages with "Bob Dylan", "David Crosby" and "Fred Neil" recording three albums under his own name.
After "The Deep" disbanded, he co-founded "Eastern Productions" with "Teddy Randazzo", songwriter and producer, and signing the bands "Third Bardo".
"Psychedelic Moods" did not sell well, and the band did not tour to support it.
They seem to have existed as a studio-only band, and, aside from sessions for their album, produced no other recordings under that name.

The_Deep,psychedelic_moods,psychedelic-rocknroll,garage,rusty_evans,new_york,radioactive,first_psychedelic,13th_floor_elavators,third_bardo,cameo_label,monoWhatever the case, "Rusty Evans" left "Cameo-Parkway Records" to record a new album for the "Columbia Records" in 1967.
Ditching the name "The Deep", this second album was credited to the band "Freak Scene" and entitled "Psychedelic Psoul".
The sound of this album is very similar to that of "Psychedelic Moods", and should be considered a follow-up in all but name.
As its title suggests, "Psychedelic Psoul" is composed of Psychedelic Rock songs, and is very much a product of its times.
Unfortunately, "Freak Scene" was doomed to the same fate as "The Deep". They did not tour, and their album did not chart.
"Psychedelic Moods" is composed by 12 tracks and are essentially a series of musical trip reports covering the whole emotional spectrum from chaos and euphoria to introspection and melancholy with an intense, challenging atmosphere.
"Rusty Evans"' songs are great, spanning snotty 60s Garage, melodic Pop and thoughtful experimentation.
It's hard to find any fault with Killer songs like "Turned On", "Trip #76", "It's All A Part Of Me" and "On Off Off On".

See also "The Third Bardo - I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time (CULT PSYCHEDELIC 60s GARAGE US 1967)".