Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Third Bardo - I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time (CULT PSYCHEDELIC 60s GARAGE US 1967)

4 April 2009

The Third Bardo - I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time (CULT PSYCHEDELIC 60s GARAGE US 1967)

third_bardo,new_york,psychedelic-rocknroll,Jeff_Monn,Teddy_Randazzo,the_deep,sundazed,front"THE THIRD BARDO - I'M FIVE YEARS AHEAD OF MY TIME" (CULT PSYCHEDELIC 60s GARAGE US 1967)

"The Third Bardo" were an American Psychedelic Rock band from New York led by singer "Jeff Monn".
"The Third Bardo" existed for a brief time in the late 1960s.
Firstly, there's the name. Naming your band after a chapter in "The Tibetan Book Of Dead" was always going to intrigue the uninitiated and, in 1967 at least, welcome the baying in-crowd.

"Rusty Evans" of "The Deep - The Psychedelic Moods" wrote the 45 for "The Third Bardo" along with songwriter "Victoria Pike", who was married to "The Third Bardo"'s producer "Teddy Randazzo" (of "Roulette Records") at the time.

"The Third Bardo" recorded just one single, "I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time" / "Rainbow Life" (Roulette Records R-4742, 1967).
That one single is lauded by many collectors as one of the greatest 60s Garage / Psychedelic songs.

third_bardo,new_york,psychedelic-rocknroll,Jeff_Monn,Teddy_Randazzo,the_deep,rusty_evans,sundazed,backWith its mysterious lead guitar lines that recalled the theme to the Twilight Zone, Eastern-like minor melody, creepy "VOX Continental Organ", and one of the most definitive sub-Jagger snarl lead vocals ever, it was worthy of more exposure than it got.
However, although it got some airplay on the East Coast, it was pulled off the radio, lead singer "Jeff Monn" has recalled, because of perceived drug associations, although in fact there are no overt drug references in the lyrics.

This song received some radio exposure, but only years later was recognized as a 60s Rock classic due to its inclusion in compilations such as the critically acclaimed "Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968".
"The Third Bardo" only had one recording session, which yielded six tracks in all, and released one other song as a B-side, "Rainbow Life".
Deservedly so in view of its haunting intro and fine Fuzztone guitar work.

third_bardo,new_york,psychedelic-rocknroll,Jeff_Monn,Teddy_Randazzo,the_deep,rusty_evans,aheadAlthough a handful of other tracks have surfaced over the decades, "The Third Bardo" only released one 45 during their short-lived existence.
The other four songs (including an alternate version of "Rainbow Life") would surface much later on Sundazed Records's 10", six-song EP.

"Bruce Ginsberg": drums
"Ricky Goldklang": lead guitar
"Damian Kelly": bass guitar
"Jeffrey Monn": vocals, guitar
"Richy Seslowe": guitar.
The band broke up in 1967 and "Jeffrey Monn" began a solo career as "Chris Moon".

see also "The Deep - Psychedelic Moods (FIRST PSYCHEDELIC GARAGE US 1966)".