Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Prúdy - Zvoňte Zvonky (WONDERFUL PSYCHEDELIA SLOVAKIA 1969)

8 May 2009


Prudy,Zvonky_Zvonte,front,psychedelic-rocknroll,collegium_musicum,1969,slovak,psychedelia,supraphon,bratislava,Pavol_Hammel,Marian_Varga"PRUDY - ZVONTE ZVONKY" (WONDERFUL PSYCHEDELIA SLOVAKIA 1969)

"Prúdy - Zvoňte Zvonky" ("The Jets" - "Ring Bells") was a milestone in Slovak Rock music.
Personnel: "Pavol Hammel" - guitar, lead vocals; "Marián Varga" - piano, organ; "Fedor Frešo" - bass guitar, vocals; "Peter Seller" - lead guitar; "Vlado Mallý" - drums.

Prudy,Zvonky_Zvonte,front,psychedelic-rocknroll,collegium_musicum,1969,slovak,psychedelia,supraphon,bratislava,Pavol_Hammel,Marian_Varga,promoThis is what "Scented Gardens Of The Mind" has to say about the album: "Prudy's album was a Slovakian response to Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", an album full of charming Pop songs with harmony vocals, lush orchestration and a hint of Psychedelia.
The best songs were written by "Marián Varga" who soon went on with "Pavol Hammel" to form "Collegium Musicum".
"Marián Varga"'s characteristic keyboard ornaments are already recognizable at this early stage.

The atmosphere may be soft overall but there are some welcome Fuzz guitar breaks and you have to love "Marián Varga"'s harpsichord.
And the music and the lyrics are GREAT !!!

Prudy,Zvonky_Zvonte,front,psychedelic-rocknroll,collegium_musicum,1969,slovak,psychedelia,supraphon,bratislava,Pavol_Hammel,Marian_Varga,sellerOverdriven bass guitar, savage Fuzzbox guitar, piano and drums chugging along.
The singing is raw and melodic.

Prudy,Zvonky_Zvonte,front,psychedelic-rocknroll,collegium_musicum,1969,slovak,psychedelia,supraphon,bratislava,Pavol_Hammel,Marian_Varga,freso"Zvoňte Zvonky" album (recorded at Czechoslovak radio in Bratislava, Supraphon 0 13 0740, December 1968) is at times twisted Pop and Psychedelia from Europe.
It reminds "FOREVER AMBER" with "The Love Cycle", and "The Zombies" on "Odessey And Oracle" .
Many different musical threads found within every track.


Anonymous said...

Great blog, and thank you for the Prudy. I love the Zombies & Odyssey & Oracle, so this should be a nice listen. I used to have the TIME way back when, but somewhere go rid of the ablum. It should be nice to rehear what that was like, thanks again. ~Dave

Psychedelic-Rocknroll said...

Dave thank you so much !

Thank you for your words; hope will enjoy T.I.M.E. and the other albums.
I'm open to any suggestions...Hope to hear from you again soon , take care!


Anonymous said...

I love love love the Svonky song
I ahve been palying it for weeks at my work, everbody here likes the song!
what does 'Svonky' mean?
Does Prudy have more albums?

cheers frum Amsterdam

Psychedelic-Rocknroll said...

Hi Leendert!

thank you!

ZVONTE ZVONKY : "Ring Little Bells" is the English name of first and only album of Prudy ("The Jets").

Marian Varga, with Pavol Hammel formed later "Collegium Musicum" a more Progressive Rock group.

see you soon,