Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Scorpions - Hello Josephine (RHYTHM AND BLUES UK 1965)

1 May 2009

The Scorpions - Hello Josephine (RHYTHM AND BLUES UK 1965)

the_scorpions,hello_josephine,manchester,psychedelic-rocknroll,beat,outsiders,q65,front"THE SCORPIONS - HELLO JOSEPHINE" (RHYTHM AND BLUES UK 1965)

"The Scorpions" were a Beat / Rhythm and Blues group, originally from Manchester, England: "The Scorpions" proved far more successful in Holland than in England, and are often believed to be a "Nederbeat" band alongside "The Outsiders" and "Q65".
"The Scorpions" were formed in early 1964 by singer and front-man "Peter Lewis", with "Tony Briley" on bass guitar and "Mike Delaney" on drums.
Two cousins, "Tony Postill" (aka "Anthony Harold Postill") and "Rodney Postill" (aka "Joseph Rodney Postill"), completed the quintet's line-up on lead and rhythm guitar respectively.

the_scorpions,hello_josephine,manchester,1965,psychedelic-rocknroll,beat,outsiders,q65,PostillThe Scorpions in 1964 from left to right: Rodney Postill, Tony Briley, Peter Lewis, Mike Delaney and Tony Postill

"The Scorpions" got signed by Dutch promoter "Jan Vis" to play the lucrative dance hall circuit around Holland from their new base in Den Bosch.
The record companies in Holland were also starting to take notice, and "The Scorpions" were quickly signed by "CNR Records", who brought in "Addy Kleyngeld" to produce their first recordings.
Their debut single was released in August 1964 (CNR UH 9715, 1964).

It was a cover "Chuck Berry"'s "Bye Bye Johnny" with "Rip It Up" on the flip, but made no immediate impact on the record buying public.
Yet "The Scorpions" stuck with their classic Rock and Roll style on a trio of follow-up singles released in October-November.
Their renditions of "Richie Barret"'s "Some Other Guy" / "Just One Look" (CNR UH 9722, 1964), "Ray Charles"' hit "What I'd I Say" / "Not Fade Away" (CNR UH 9723, Oct. 1964), and another "Chuck Berry" number, "Johnny B. Goode" / "Keep A-Knockin'" (CNR UH9725, Nov. 1964), were all very representative of the group's ENERGY packed live performances at the time.

the_scorpions,hello_josephine,manchester,psychedelic-rocknroll,beat,outsiders,q65,back"The Scorpions" also showed a softer side with a decent version of "Just One Look", though without the close harmonies of "The Hollies"' hit version.
However, in spite of being given massive airplay in Holland by "Radio Veronica" and "Radio Noordzee", "The Scorpions"' first four singles all failed to register in the charts.
In late 1964 bassist "Tony Briley" left "The Scorpions".

the_scorpions,hello_josephine,manchester,psychedelic-rocknroll,beat,outsiders,q65,promo_shotThe Scorpions in 1965

"Rodney Postill" then took over on bass, "Tony Postill" switched from lead to rhythm guitar,
and "Terry Morton" (aka "Terence James Morton") came in as new lead guitarist.
He had previously played with "Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders".
Their next choice for a single, released in December 1964, was "Fats Domino"'s "Hello Josephine" / "(Ain't That) Just Like Me" (CNR UH 9729, Dec. 1964).

the_scorpions,hello_josephine,manchester,psychedelic-rocknroll,beat,outsiders,q65,single,nederbietThe Scorpions: "Hello Josephine" / "(Ain't That) Just Like Me", with Polydor sleeve (Polydor 421008), 1964

And with "Hello Josephine" "The Scorpions" finally got their breakthrough as a recording act in Holland.
The single entered "Radio Veronica"'s Top 40 on February 20th 1965, and stayed in the charts for an IMPRESSIVE 33 weeks, 13 of which in the Top 10 and peaking at the No. 2 spot.
"The Scorpions" from Manchester were now BIG STARS in Holland.
Their next offering on single in January 1965, "Ann Louise" / "Baby Back Now" (CNR UH 9740, 1965), was quite a contrast to previous releases.
It was a much softer Beat ballad with a pretty melody, but only reached a modest No. 36 in May 1965 and stayed for 2 weeks only in the charts.
An album with the obvious title of "Hello Josephine" was also released in May by "CNR Records" (CNR GA 5000, 1965) that same month to cash in on the group's chart success.

the_scorpions,hello_josephine,manchester,psychedelic-rocknroll,beat,outsiders,q65,nederbietThe Scorpions in 1965 from left to right: Ian Lucas, Tony Postill, Peter Lewis, Rodney Postill and Terry Morton

"Hello Josephine" album contained all "The Scorpions"' singles, A and B sides, and was released in "CNR Records"'s "Hartewens" series.
"The Scorpions" underwent a new line-up change in early 1965 when drummer "Mike Delaney" quit and was replaced by "Ian 'Skins' Lucas", who had previously played with "Wayne Fontana And The Jets".
The success of "Hello Josephine" secured consistent bookings for the group, but they also found time to start recording a new album, again with "Addy Kleyngeld" behind the controls.

the_scorpions,hello_josephine,manchester,psychedelic-rocknroll,beat,outsiders,q65,cnr_recordsThings now looked really bright for the group in Holland, but then at the peak of their success, their work permits expired, and they had to return home to Manchester.
This seemed to be a crushing blow for the group as three members quit – "Tony Postill", "Rodney Postill" and "Terry Morton".