Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Darius - Darius (PSYCHEDELIC ROCK US 1968)

Darius - Darius (PSYCHEDELIC ROCK US 1968)

darius,1968,psychedelic-rocknroll,bobby_ott,Chartmaker,front"DARIUS - DARIUS" (PSYCHEDELIC ROCK US 1968)

Darius was the recording pseudonym for "Robert J. Ott" or "Bobby Ott", a singer and songwriter from Euclid, Ohio.
In the mid-1960s relocated to Los Angeles where he attracted the attention of the Hollywood-based "Chartmaker Records".
The resulting eponymous LP (Chartmaker CSG 1102, 1969) is a stunning combination of thoughtful songs and superbly crafted playing - while considered Psychedelic, it transcends easy categorization.
The record was imaginatively arranged and produced, with flourishes of flamenco guitar, odd echo-tinkles, and some dynamic organ and bass hooks adding to its overall air of idiosyncrasy.

Featuring ten original efforts, songs like "Shades of Blue", "Ancient Paths" and "Hear What I Say" offered up a great blend of dark pop and Psychedelic moves.

darius,1968,psychedelic-rocknroll,bobby_ott,Chartmaker,backDarius' un-credited backing band (fellow Chartmaker recording act Goldenrod) are lead guitarist "Ben Benay", drummer "Toxey French" and bassist "Jerry Scheff" (in 1971 he got a call to do an album with "The Doors". He spent six weeks in the studio recording "L.A. Woman" which turned out to be their last album. "The Doors" had always used keyboard bass live, after they finished "L.A. Woman" he was approached about joining the group. "Jim Morrison" went to Paris and died...) may have been studio professionals who were best known for their work with "Elvis Presley", but on this album they cut loose, decorating tracks like "Mist-Veiled Garden" and "Blow My Mind" with some amazing Fuzz guitar and sitar.


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