Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Cyrkle - Neon (PSYCHEDELIC POP US 1967 JAPANESE Edition)

8 June 2009

The Cyrkle - Neon (PSYCHEDELIC POP US 1967 JAPANESE Edition)


The follow-up Cyrcle LP was called "Neon": an album with some of the most soaring three-part harmonies and intricate arrangements that 60s Pop music had to offer.
In "Cyrcle"'s line up "Jon Alexander" was replaced by "Mike Losecamp".

CYRKLE,NEON,PSYCHEDELIC-ROCKNROLL,1967,BEATLES,EPSTEIN,DAWES,DANNEMANN,COLUMBIA,singleThe Cyrcle: "I Wish You Could Be Here" / "The Visit (She Was Here)", Columbia Records 43965, 1966

"Neon" opens with their finest original, "Tom Dawes" and "Don Dannemann"'s "Don't Cry, No Fears, No Tears Comin' Your Way" (with sitar leads), and takes in the tasteful "Burt Bacharach" / "Hal David"-written Pop of "It Doesn't Matter Anymore", the catchy, zippy, "Our Love Affair's in Question", and another "Paul Simon"-donated gem, "I Wish You Could Be Here".
These all feature their sinewy, ever-present harmonies, light strumming, and unaffected enthusiasm.

Said "Tom Dawes": "Then Brian Epstein passed away [in 1967] this did not affect The Cyrcle much because Nat Weiss was really running the show.
We were on the road for a few years and getting a salary from Nemperor because when Kaye and Ross heard "Red Rubber Ball" they sued us for the contracts we had signed with them. This tied up all the money we made from all of our records.

CYRKLE,NEON,PSYCHEDELIC-ROCKNROLL,1967,BEATLES,EPSTEIN,DAWES,DANNEMANN,COLUMBIA,promoIt was all in escrow and we could not touch it. When the smoke cleared and the lawsuit done, no one made money; the lawyers' bills took it all. This was my first screw job in rock and roll. A good lesson to learn" .

CYRKLE,NEON,PSYCHEDELIC-ROCKNROLL,1967,BEATLES,EPSTEIN,DAWES,DANNEMANN,COLUMBIA,Cheverolet1966 Cheverolet dealer promotional giveaway featured Chevy related cuts by "The Cyrkle" (Camaro) and "Paul Revere and The Raiders" (SS 396).

It was during this era when "The Cyrcle" last charted with "We Had A Good Thing Goin'" / "Two Rooms" (Columbia Records 44018, #72 Billboard, 1967) and "Penny Arcade" / "The Words" (Columbia Records 44224, #95 Billboard, 1967).
Said "Tom Dawes": "At this point I got discouraged because we were not making any money and left the band. Danneman and Fried carried on for a few years".

The Cyrkle: "Reading Her Paper" / "Friends", Columbia Records 44426, 1968

"Tom Dawes" apparently did not participate in the last "Cyrcle" single; the fantastic overlooked 1968 Pop gem "Reading Her Paper".

see also "The Cyrkle - Red Rubber Ball" (Japanese Edition Sunshine Pop US 1966)