Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Damon - Song Of A Gypsy (PSYCHEDELIC ANTHEM US 1969)

9 October 2009

Damon - Song Of A Gypsy (PSYCHEDELIC ANTHEM US 1969)

damon,songs_of_a_gypsy,David_Del_Conte,psychedelic-rocknroll,1969,us,california,front"DAMON - SONG OF A GYPSY" (PSYCHEDELIC ANTHEM US 1969)

Singer-songwriter Damon ("David Del Conte") put out an extremely obscure Folk-tinged Psychedelic album in 1969, "Song Of A Gypsy", (Ankh Records 968, 1969) of which only 100 copies were pressed.
Based in Los Angeles, "David Del Conte" and "Charlie Carey" had already pursued careers in popular music for many years before deciding to embrace the underground Rock movement.
"David Del Conte" released a considerable number of 45s. The last recordings he made pre-Damon (aside from a handful of acetates never made available to the public) may be of interest to readers. As "Damon Lane", he issued at least three singles on the "Del Con" label - these possess a unique Byrdsy jangle over which his trademark authoritative voice presides.
After "Song Of A Gypsy" / "Oh What A Good Boy Am I" single Damon's debut album, "Song Of A Gypsy", was recorded in Los Angeles in 1969.
The gypsy element of "Song Of A Gypsy" is not just an extrapolation from the title, but a deliberate action on Damon's part, who came to think of himself as a gypsy while wandering around California in the late 1960s.

"Song Of A Gypsy" is the #1 most sought after vinyl album of all time. It is listed at $3,500.00 per copy and without Damon's unique style of mind provoking lyrics and unusual style of music in your collection, you are lacking the #1 album of this genre.
"Song Of A Gypsy" is considered one of the top 5 albums from the Psychedelic era by all experts.
Sometimes described as Folk or Folk-Psychedelic it is in fact tranced out gypsy Arabian acid Fuzz crooner Psychedelic with deep mysterious vocals, an amazing soundscape and excellent songwriting.

The tracks may at first seem too similar, and several plays are suggested before making your call. Unique, though Darius with his selftitled album is a distant relative [PL]
There's a droning, slightly Raga-modalish flavor to the melodies and guitar lines, with a gypsy touch in the percussion and questing, spiritual lyrics.

There's lots of Fuzz guitar and a mystical feel about tracks like "Do You And The Night".
"I Feel Your Love" which has a sleepy, stoned atmosphere sounding rather similar to "The Deep" with "Psychedelic Moods". Another track, "Birds Fly So High", has snake charming music, again creating a sort of Eastern mystical feel.

Damon: "Poor Poor Genie" / "Don't You Feel Me", Ankh Records 2 US, 1969

"Song Of A Gypsy" is made up of short, urgent tracks that overflow with "Charlie Carey"'s amazing distorted leads and "David Del Conte"'s powerful, otherworldly voice.
It's obvious right away that you're listening to something very special. If there really is such a thing as Psychedelic music, this is surely it.
The record set the tone of the band's campaign which ran the course of 1968 - the message of love and self-expression coupled with an almost arrogant disregard for the establishment.
From a Damon interview : "The original album, "Song Of A Gypsy", represented the beginning of my search for love and the meaning of life".


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