Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Bohemian Vendetta - Bohemian Vendetta (60s GARAGE PSYCHEDELIC US 1968)

18 November 2009

Bohemian Vendetta - Bohemian Vendetta (60s GARAGE PSYCHEDELIC US 1968)

Bohemian_Vendetta,faine_jade,psychedelic-rocknroll,enough,distortions,rustics,mainstream,muglia,manzi,pollock,front"BOHEMIAN VENDETTA - BOHEMIAN VENDETTA" (60s GARAGE PSYCHEDELIC US 1967)

"Bohemian Vendetta" was formed in 1966 under the name "The Bohemians" in Long Island, NY.
"The Bohemians" started life with the line up as follows: "Arthur Muglia" (aka "Brian Cooke"), vocals/organ; "Victor Muglia", bass guitar; "Randy Pollock", rhythm guitar; "Richie Sorrento", drums; "Richard Martinez", lead guitar.
Growing up in Lynbrook, Long Island, NY "Nick Manzi" played in a number of local bands, including "The Cavaliers".

Bohemian_Vendetta,faine_jade,psychedelic-rocknroll,enough,distortions,rustics,mainstream,muglia,manzi,pollockThe Rustics in 1966. Top: Nick Manzi; right: Scott Davidson; bottom Jeff Jade; left Faine Jade

"Nick Manzi" and high school buddy singer/guitarist "Faine Jade" also started playing local clubs as a duo, eventually attracting the attention of "Laurie Records", which signed them as writers and sessions players.
"Nick Manzi" and "Faine Jade" subsequently formed "The Rustics" who managed to record an instantly obscure 1966 single ("Can't Get You Out Of My Heart" / "Look At Me") for the small "Ye Old King" label.

In the wake of "The Rustics" collapse, "Nick Manzi" replaced guitarist "Richard Martinez" (join "The Cats Meow" who had a few singles on "Decca Records") in "The Bohemians".
Three songs were recorded at "UltraSonic Studios" on Hempstead, Long Island, New York around the fall of 1966: "How Does It Feel", "Enough", "Half the Time".

Bohemian_Vendetta,faine_jade,psychedelic-rocknroll,enough,distortions,rustics,mainstream,muglia,manzi,pollockBohemian Vendetta 1967 From left to right: Chuck Monica (drums), Randy Pollock (rhythm guitar), Nick Manzi (lead guitar), Victor Muglia (bass guitar), Arthur Muglia aka Brian Cooke (vocals, organ)

By early 1967 "The Bohemians" opted for a name change around the time they recorded their first demo, "Like Stoned" / "Irresistible".
As "Bohemian Vendetta" they also underwent a series of personnel changes, eventually coalescing with a line of singer/keyboardist "Arthur Muglia" , drummer "Chuck Monica" (also in "The Rustics"), bassist "Victor Muglia" and rhythm guitarist "Randy Pollock".

Bohemian_Vendetta,faine_jade,psychedelic-rocknroll,enough,distortions,rustics,mainstream,muglia,manzi,pollock,monicaIn 1967 "Bohemian Vendetta" released "Enough" / "Half the Time" ("United Artists" catalog number UA 50174, 1967) single and it got a spot on "Dick Clark"'s "American Bandstand" "Rate-a-Record".
Also in 1967, "Bohemian Vendetta" recorded demos and played various gigs at places like the "Action House" with bands like "The Vagrants" and "Vanilla Fudge".
The single "Enough" / "Half the Time" vanished without a trace, followed in short order by the band's contract with "United Artists".
Luckily they were signed to "Mainstream Records" and recorded an album ("Bohemian Vendetta", Mainstream Records Stereo S/6106 and Mainstream Records Mono 56106, 1968) in early 1968 which took almost a year to be released and got no help from the label.

Bohemian_Vendetta,faine_jade,psychedelic-rocknroll,enough,distortions,mainstream,muglia,s_6106Bohemian Vendetta: Bohemian Vendetta 1968, Mainstream Records Stereo S/6106

With "Mainstream Records" all but ignoring the LP, "Nick Manzi" and company had time on their hands, pitching in to help buddy "Faine Jade" record his debut album "Introspective" on the small RSVP label.
"Nick Manzi" actually co-wrote most of the tracks with "Faine Jade".
As far as we can tell, it also marked the band's final recording efforts.

"Bohemian Vendetta" probably is a good candidate for the quintessential Acid 60s Garage band.
All their originals are excellent "Vox Continental Organ" and Killer Fuzz Teen Garage Psychedelic and the covers pretty demented as well [PL].

Bohemian_Vendetta,faine_jade,psychedelic-rocknroll,enough,distortions,rustics,mainstream,muglia,manzi,pollock,monica,cookePossibly the best LP on "Mainstream Records".
Original material such as the lead off "Riddles and Fairytales", "All Kinds of Highs", "Deaf, Dumb & Blind" and the stunning "Paradox City" (talk about sounding like a bad acid trip) literally drips with peculiar mix of stabbing organ, meltdown Fuzz guitar and demented acid drenched vocals that send Psychedelic collectors into a frenzy.
The whole album must be heard to be believed - a truly unique LP, especially for a major label! One of the few genuine US 60s Garage / Acid Punk LP's from the 60's no doubt.


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