Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Sonics/ The Wailers/ The Galaxies - Merry Christmas (CHRISTMAS ALBUM US 1965)

The Sonics/ The Wailers/ The Galaxies - Merry Christmas (CHRISTMAS ALBUM US 1965)

sonics,wailers,galaxies,merry_christmas,etiquette,psychedelic-rocknroll,1965,front"THE SONICS/ THE WAILERS/ THE GALAXIES - MERRY CHRISTMAS" (CHRISTMAS ALBUM US 1965)

The most rockin' Christmas LP of all time was made "The Sonics", "The Wailers", and "The Galaxies"!!!
In 1966, on the Northwest Coast three Garage Rock bands put together a Christmas album titled "Merry Christmas".
This album was made up of almost all original compositions and the songs on the album are not your traditional holiday songs.

sonics,wailers,galaxies,merry_christmas,etiquette,psychedelic-rocknroll,1965,labelIt featured three bands, "The Sonics", "The Wailers", and "The Galaxies".
On this album you will find three songs by "The Sonics" ("Santa Claus", "The Village Idiot", and "Don't Believe In Christmas"), three songs from "The Wailers" ("She's Comin' Home", "Christmas Spirit", "Maybe This Year"), and four songs from "The Galaxies" ("Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer", "Please Come Home For Christmas", "Christmas Eve" and "The Christmas Song").
The raucous "The Sonics" rip the holidays apart with their "Don't Believe In Christmas", in which singer "Gerry Roslie" dismisses Jesus' b-day because he can't get sexually satisfied.

Later, on "Santa Claus", he snidely rattles off his Christmas list ("I want a brand-new car/ A twangy guitar / A cute little honey / And lots of money" to which a presumably less-materialistic Santa Claus replies, "Nuts!"
"Christmas Spirit???" tells you why the holiday season is bullshit, and it's still holds a lot of truth 42 years later.
And if you want more cynicism, "Don't Believe In Christmas" delivers.
Even their renditions of the classics have nice little touches that you won't hear from anybody else.
"The Wailers" come in a close second on equating Christmas vacation with sexual pleasures with "She's Coming Home".

sonics,wailers,galaxies,merry_christmas,etiquette,psychedelic-rocknroll,1965,backOriginally released on "Etiquette Records" ("Etiquette Records" Mono ETALB 025, purple label, 1965), now very hard to find.


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Thanks for music. And Merry Christmas !I wish you a happy New Year!

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Thanx for album and Merry Christmas and Happy 2010.

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Thanks, one of the best X-Mas albums of all time. A must have/hear!

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I agree this is a great, non-traditional, off-the-wall album that makes fun of holiday consumerism and includes an unrealistic Christmas list, but I don't understand how you found sexual references...

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I have this album the one Originally released on "Etiquette Records" ("Etiquette Records" Mono ETALB 025, purple label, 1965), still seal on the original plastic wraparts never been open. I wonder how much is worth today