Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Stowaways - In Our Time (RAW 60s GARAGE US 1967)

5 December 2009

The Stowaways - In Our Time (RAW 60s GARAGE US 1967)

Stowaways,in_our_time,garage,psychedelic-rocknroll,justice_records,Tatum,Knight,Quick,Tanner,front"THE STOWAWAYS - IN OUR TIME" (RAW 60s GARAGE US 1967)

"The Stowaways" were a 60s Garage group formed by "Tim Tatum" (lead singer), "Ken Knight" (bass guitar), "Tommy O'Neal" (lead guitar), "Paul Quick" (rhythm guitar) and "Ken Tanner" (drums).
"The Stowaways"' "In Our Time" (Justice Records 148, 1967) was apparently one of the rarest LPs on "Justice Records" and also one of the better.
"The Stowaways" with their sole album deliver obligatories songs like "The Tams" "I've Been Hurt" and "Bobby Hebb"'s "Sunny"; there's also some unusual "Rolling Stones"' "What A Shame" and Beatles' "It's Only Love" as well as a daring, atmospheric stab at "The Byrds"' "It Won't Be Wrong" and a spooky original called "Just A Toy", which crowns them "Justice Records"'s token Folk-Rock act.

Also has an excellent 12-string take on "Summertime" that rivals "The Half Tribe".
The Rhythm and Blues stuff that weighs down side 2 is less convincing, but acceptable.
"Band isn't terribly tight and the recording has the label's usual early 60s opacity, but clearly an above average outing within the field"
They had versatility and a knack for playing vocal and instrumental hooks for all they were worth, with a sound that intersected "The Rolling Stones" and "The Beau Brummels" at different moments equally adept with harder Punk sounds.


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