Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Dimensions - From All Dimensions (CRUDE 60s GARAGE US 1966)

2 January 2010

The Dimensions - From All Dimensions (CRUDE 60s GARAGE US 1966)

the_dimensions,from_all_dimensions,psychedelic-rocknroll,chicago,1966,garage,front"THE DIMENSIONS - FROM ALL DIMENSIONS" (CRUDE 60s GARAGE US 1966)

"The Dimensions" were an obscure Garage combo from Park Ridge, near Chicago, Illinois.
"The Dimensions" were "Barre 'Emil' Probst" (guitar, vocals), "Steve 'Chrlie Tuna' Purnell" (guitar, keyboards), "Jim 'Sieb' Sebastian" (vocals), "Tom 'Happy Tooth' Parnell" (bass guitar) and "Jack 'Cheta' Brunsfield" (drums).

the_dimensions,from_all_dimensions,psychedelic-rocknroll,chicago,1966,garage,back"The Dimensions" were one of the most proficient bands in the Chicago-land suburbs and they played a lot of Battle of Bands contests and in nightclubs like "The Hut", "Green Onion", "Deep End", "The Cellar", "Fox Trails" and "The Pink Panther".

"The Dimensions" recoreded on their own private label (no label name) "From All Dimensions" in 1966 and it is a classic of the Prep Rock 60s Garage genre.
From the high energy "The Kinks"' "I Need You", Them's "Gloria", killer versions of "Chuck Berry" hits "Carol" and "Around and Around" with the kind of crudely amplified raw guitars and frenetic drums to the frantic "Rick Dey"'s "Just Like Me".

the_dimensions,from_all_dimensions,psychedelic-rocknroll,chicago,1966,garage,labelGreat teen 60s Garage Punk album, and one the absolute rarest (there were only 100 copies pressed with Matrix 1666-1 and 1666-2) and best 60s US Garage albums.


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