Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Stone Harbor - Emerges (ULTRA RAW PSYCHEDELIA US 1974)

1 February 2010

Stone Harbor - Emerges (ULTRA RAW PSYCHEDELIA US 1974)

stone_harbour,emerges,psychedelic-rocknroll,1974,front"STONE HARBOUR - EMERGES" (ULTRA RAW PSYCHEDELIA US 1974)

Based in Youngstown, Ohio, multi-instrumentalist "Ric Ballas" (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, organ, piano, synthesizer, bass guitar, percussion, Vocals, engineer, producer) and "Dave McCarty" (lead vocals, drums, percussion, engineer, producer) comprised the "Stone Harbour" line-up.

Released on their own "Stone Harbor" label (Stone Harbour Records 398, 1974), the album was apparently a vanity project with "Ric Ballas" and "Dave McCarty" producing, engineering, arranging, writing all ten tracks and handling all of the vocals and instrumentation.
If your looking for the rawest basement Psychedelic album you can find, well you might just have found it.

Musically material like "Grains Of Sand", "Summer Magic Is Gone" and the instrumental "Thanitos" offered up a pure, unadulterated set of low-fi mid-1970s Psychedelia.
Thoroughly toasted, tracks like "You'll Be A Star", "Rock and Roll Puzzle" and "Still Like That Rock and Roll" offered up heavy doses of acid soaked lyrics, sprinkled with barely in-tune vocals, oddball time signatures, screeching guitar, some of the lamest synthesizers you've ever heard and a weird array of sound and production effects.

Some of the tracks go into like dreamlike atmosphere with songs fading in and out.
That probably didn't sound like the makings of a classic album, but the duo's sense of enthusiasm and commitment somehow pulled it all together overcoming the host of technical and performance limitations that should have killed this beast.


Anonymous said...

Hi,If you dont mind, here is a request: schibbinz - livin free.


Psychedelic-Rocknroll said...

hi, Anonymous! i love schibbinz album but it is on print


Heavypsychmanblog said...

Good underground Psych

Can a cover like that house anything but good stuff?

Good post

check out Top Drawer - Solid Oak also a killer

Roberto said...

Great post (killer post!!!). Thank you.

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Hi, do you have:

howard nishioka - street songs
wahonka - s/t

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Nick Klaus said...

I really got the vibe that 'ride' styles itself off the Doors. There's a definite influence that can be seen.


Ale....i like it!