Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Archivist 4th Edition Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965-1980

18 March 2010

Archivist 4th Edition
Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965-1980

Archivist - 4th Edition
"Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965-1980"
Ken Scott
370 pages, Published Lulu, 2008

Archivist is THE guidebook to obscure and classic albums of the Jesus Movement specifically written with the collector in mind.
It is a 370-page reference work that contains paragraph reviews and descriptions of approximately 3,200 Jesus music albums that were made from 1965 through 1980.
Archivist - 4th Edition includes over 800 new write-ups, numerous re-written/expanded reviews, plus all the text from the first three editions.
In addition to the main section covering albums, there are also smaller sections on 'incredibly strange' albums, CDs of previously unreleased music and 7" singles/EPs.
Sample styles covered include Folk, Rock, Blues Rock, Catholic Folk, Country Rock, Funk/R and B/Jazz, Hard-Rock, Progressive, Punk, Psychedelia and Sunshine Pop.
From well-known US Jesus music artists to favorites of Psychedelic collectors to numerous unknown local groups to obscure records from UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and other countries.

Ken Scott's Archivist books lie somewhere between an annotated record price guide and a sphincterally-retentive history book.
Any lover of Godly Rock 'n' Roll could turn into an enviously drooling fool by paging through this unique, necessary work.
Ken Scott" doesn't bog down his pages with price and record condition data, though he intersperses the text with mentions of how certain albums command great sums on the collectors market.
"Ken Scott" tells the story via hundreds of reviews. Every slab of PVC that he could find by any remotely rocking act with a Christian connection gets its due.
That means not only the Neo-Pentecostal and non-denominational artists commonly associated with the hippie-centric Jesus movement and its subcultural wake.

Reach Scott at P.O. Box 110; Worthington, OH 43085


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