Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Parish Hall - Parish Hall (HARD-ROCK US 1970)

31 May 2010

Parish Hall - Parish Hall (HARD-ROCK US 1970)

parish_hall_1970_psychedelic_rocknroll_hard_rock_jimi_hendrix_fantasy_front"PARISH HALL - PARISH HALL" (HARD-ROCK US 1970)

"Parish Hall" was a power trio from the California Bay Area.
The band consisted of "Gary Wagner" (guitar, piano, vocals), "John Haden" (bass guitar), and "Steve Adams" (drums).
Specializing in a Hard Rock sound, their album "Parish Hall" (Fantasy Records 8398, 1970) was originally released near the end of 1970 on a small Californian record label "Fantasy Records".

All songs on "Parish Hall" album are originals written by "Gary Wagner" and hold up well when compared to other Hard Rock acts.

parish_hall_1970_psychedelic_rocknroll_hard_rock_jimi_hendrix_fantasy_back"Parish Hall" is very comparable to fellow Californian rockers Oda.

parish_hall_1970_psychedelic_rocknroll_hard_rock_jimi_hendrix_america_french_franceParish Hall - Parish Hall, French Press AM 6041, 1970

"Fantastic power trio Hard-Rock that just about everyone likes.
This is no-nonsense stuff, brief songs, killer riffs, strong but unpretentious singing, sparse arrangements.
There's a mild bit of bluesiness to it, but the songs are fast and the album isn't full of long guitar solos. There's a terrific ballad too. A really good one".
(Aaron Milenski)


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