Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Joshua - God Spoke...And Said 'Lead My People' (KILLER X-IAN PSYCHEDELIC ROCK US 1973)

Joshua - God Spoke...And Said 'Lead My People' (KILLER X-IAN PSYCHEDELIC ROCK US 1973)


Joshua was "Tony Sena", "Quincy Rogers" and "Shelby Rogers" from Southwest.
They released their sole album "God Spoke...And Said 'Lead My People'" in 1973 on the "Impact Records" (Impact Records R3328, 1973).

From the back cover:
Joshua - Tony Sena, Quincy Rogers and Shelby Rogers - came to us not too long ago to talk to us about making a record.
They took their guitars out to play and as they did they told us why they were together.
They had all been working in street ministries in the Southwest and about a year ago had been led to combine their musical talents and form a group.
So the three of them went out into the desert for several months to pray and write songs.
When they decided they were ready, they came out of the desert and found their way to us.

Consequently, as you hold this record in your hand and decide whether or not to take it home, you must remember two things. The first is that it is one of the two or three best Jesus Rock albums ever produced. Some of the most powerful lyrics and music to come out of the Jesus movement are to be found on this album.
The second is the name that they bear. It is no coincidence that they are called "Joshua" and that God has led them out of the desert to you.

Joshua,God_Spoke_And_Said_Lead_My_People,PSYCHEDELIC-ROCKNROLL,1973,SENA,XIAN,IMPACT_R3228_back"God Spoke...And Said 'Lead My People'" is one of the most impressive LPs of the 70s Christian Rock era.
It's got a superb balance between acoustic rhythm guitar and searing meaty electric lead in a way that is not cliched or hackneyed in any way.
The songs are also really singable and the rhythm section are good and upfront, while the softer tracks are beautiful.
The guitar work is incredible, it just screams in from nowhere and just lifts the whole album. A mixture of guitar driven hard rock with borderline Psychedelic overtones.
"Their tunes cook along with fast-strumming rhythm guitars; then suddenly they'll blast in with an abrasive electric lead.
Side one hits us with "The Word", "Revelation", "New Life" and "Keep Your Light Shining", all top-notch rockers empowered with sizzling riffs.

Joshua,God_Spoke_And_Said_Lead_My_People,PSYCHEDELIC-ROCKNROLL,1973,SENA,XIAN,IMPACT_R3228_jesus_rockSide two continues the assault with "I Was Lonely" and the blistering "Free Me".
"Caterpillar" begins with a quiet acoustic mood before shifting into a fairly rocking mid-section.
Interspersed with some fine acoustic ballads like "The Secret", "If He Came To Your House" and a cover of Larry Norman's "I Wish We'd All Been Ready".
Good natural vocal harmonies of the rural hippie variety, often with a rough "Crosby, Stills and Nash" quality.

If you like it raw and shaggy and loud, you'll want Joshua.
Co-released on the Key label in the UK where it sells for ungodly amounts.
The UK version also has a much more attractive color sleeve featuring a person with their arms outstretched"
. (Ken Scott - Archivist)

There are two U.S. pressings in existence; the original is black, the second has a red label.
Also issued on "Key Records" (Key KL-014) in the UK, in New Zealand and in Canada.


Anonymous said...

if this is half as goos as the review says,than it should be great.If it's not,I still thank you for letting me try this unknown(to me) lp...oldfuzzface

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this!

Anonymous said...

you will not be disappointed. i bought this when it first came out (and still have it, of course). it is excellent. Q. england

Anonymous said...

a good revieuw.
thx for posting.
d. Holland

Anonymous said...

Everything said about this album is true. It is simply amazing in vocals,instruments and message/songwriting. Absolutely one of the greatest records ever released in both the Christian and Psych/Rock category. recordspinner-Keith

savedxthemusic said...

You are absolutely right about record. I wish I had an original recording, all I have is a pretty crap cassette recording off a record player! Anyone know where I could get one?!? Savedxthmusic

tj smith said...

I got this album in 1978 and for me it was the one pivotal Christian Rock album that was out at that time. Petra was still country fried as was Daniel Amos. For 1973 these guys were at the very beginnings of the Jesus Rock movement. I recently found this in cd form and purchased it and was surprised how many songs I still remembered. Yes, the style is very dated in production and Benson records did an admirable job for the recording equipment available in '73, but the songwriting is very evangelical and basic. Not DC Talk by any means but cutting edge for the 70's. It's a nice trip back to the 70's.

Anonymous said...

The only comparable sound and style combination I know of is early The Way. I love this sound, and find the lyrics both challenging and encouraging--good stuff!

Unknown said...

Can anyone tell me whether or not there is any way to still obtain a copy of this album? My uncle was Tony Sena, and my mother's copy of his album got terribly scratched up. I would love to get this for her for Christmas. Thanks in advance for any help in finding a way to make this happen!

Unknown said...

This album is the seminal Jesus Movement rock album. Basic to the core, just as the Jesus message was. The closest secular sound I could compare them to is the Who. Elemental driving rock combined with basic Christian evangelism created an album that sizzles with energy and has the punch of a pro boxer. Aside from the liner notes, I don't ever remember seeing any articles on Joshua and I devoured the publications of the day. Without the saturation of the internet media that we have today you only had your friends and your local Christian record store to help you find good music. So, I don't know their story and why such an incredible band never turned out more albums, but is is definitely to our loss. I'll just have to keep the one I have on the turntable. Don Peters, Christian artist. said...

I have one I'm sorry I can't part with it . I just wanted to send my condolences to all of your family I always loved him and just found out he died I've never been so sad . I was married to him in the 70s miss him . said...

I'm so sorry to find out he's no longer on this earth . We were married in the 70s . I'm Robin Martinez I do have his album but I couldn't part with it can't believe I won't be seeing him again . Always love him great person ! Condolences to all of you . said...

I'm just finding out Tony is no longer with us . I just knew I'd see him again , my condolences to his family . I always loved him . Was his wife in the 70s Robin Martinez said...

You probably will never see this or the preceding messages I left you but in case there's a chance I have since reconsidered and would gladly give you my album of Joshua . hope to hear from you .