Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Our Generation - Dawning Of The Day (FABULOUS XIAN PSYCHEDELIC GARAGE US 1971?)

11 December 2010

Our Generation - Dawning Of The Day (FABULOUS XIAN PSYCHEDELIC GARAGE US 1971?)


"Our Generation" were from Nyack, NY. The Nyack address is listed on the back cover.
"Our Generation" were "Dwight Craver" (guitar), "Myrna Craver" (vocals), "John Oostdyk" (guitar and vocals), "Donna Oostdyk" (vocals), "Sharon Spear" (vocals), "Steve Mc Tamney" (drums), "Glenn Eberhardt" (guitar), "Lowell Weeks" (bass guitar), and "Larry Hoey" (organ).
According to the back cover of their first album "Dawning Of The Day" (Generation LPM/S 500, 1971?) they "were born of the spirit to minister through music our generation"...
Christian Rock expert "Ken Scott" tells more about it: "What do you get when you combine the heavy Fuzz guitar of "Earthen Vessel", the swirling organ of Azitis and the joyous male/female harmonies of "The Bridge"? You get a humongous Garage/Psychedelic monster by the name of "Our Generation".
...Opens with the hard-driving rocker "11th Hour", followed by the chilling downer minor-key "Near The End" with heavy droning distorted Fuzz, eerie vocals and lyrics dealing with death and despair.

"Love" provides some animated '60s Garage-Rockin' fun with a bratty abrasive Fuzz riff that sounds like it came straight out of the "Nuggets Series" boxed set.
Lots of dynamic organ throughout, as on the high-energy "Look – Out" (which again hits us with another venomous explosion of Fuzz), "Jesus In Your Life" (coupled with nice wah-wah electric guitar) and "Can You Make It?" with its dissonant spoken-word Psychedelic intro.
Even the quieter melodic tracks like "Beyond Yourself" and "I Can See Forever" definitely have that sought-after tripped-out edge.
The title track closes out the lp with a slow dreamy mysterious Psychedelic mood.

All original songs and every single one is a winner with creative vocal arrangements and sincere Jesus-centered lyrics.
Faint yellow-on-white cover art with hills, sunflower and chain of figures holding hands.
Raise your hands and worship at high volume. Awesome!"
Some of the greatness of this album is that it flows fluently in between more heavy Fuzz driven Garage and delicate inspired Folk/Psychedelic hymns.
All is of course inspired by Jesus-is-our-saviour experiences, all with a very convincing honesty in expressions and inspirations.

see also Our Generation - Praise And Prayer (FANTASTIC GARAGE PSYCHEDELIC CHRISTIAN ROCK US 1972?)


nadorozny2001 said...

would be nice if both lps were properly reissued

Dmitrich said...

Good luck
much happiness throughout the next year.
Have a good holydays ! And many good music !
With Christmas Greetings and all
Good Wishes for the New Year. Jancy,Dmitrich

Anonymous said...

thank you -i have just picked up 'the deep'from your gr8 blog, after reading about it in the wonderful shindig mag-and happy new year to you,i find this genre of music fascinating.

EFT Therapy said...

Great album and feel good music!

Myra Lee Plitt Jerome said...

Glenn Eberhardt is THE best guitar player and teacher.

Robert said...

This is by far the best Christian rock I ever heard. Everything about it is great, the music, the lyrics, the vocals, the arrangements. You must download this right now !!!! You don't know what your missing !!! Unbelievably great!!

Anonymous said...

this sounds good!thanks for sharing it...oldfuzzface

Anonymous said...

Hello Myra, are you in touch with Glenn Eberhardt? Do you know where can I find him? Please write to me at: alexcarretero @ hotmail .es (please remove spaces) all the best