Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: UGLY THINGS magazine #32

20 November 2011

UGLY THINGS magazine #32



From Ugly Things Web Site:

"In our killer new issue, our intrepid writers take a look at Paul Revere and the Raiders in the Psychedelic era. Mark Lindsay opens up to Doug Sheppard about the making of their underrated late '60s albums, while Bill Kopp examines the post-Raiders adventures of Drake, Fang and Smitty and their experimental psych-pop project The Brotherhood.

Moving across the pond, we celebrate the world of Freakbeat with exclusive interviews with Dee Christopholus of Wimple Winch and Don Fardon of The Sorrows. And there's more: Part 2 of our interview with Billy Harrison of THEM, big stories on '60s garage punks The Sloths, The Contrasts and Limey and the Yanks, psychedelic magic with The Creation of Sunlight and The Finchley Boys, and a lengthy story on the early years of '70s UK punks, The Vibrators.

Ugly-Things,magazine_32,mike_stax,psychedelic-rocknrollAdd in pieces on the likes of $27 Snap On Face, The Rolling Stones, Valiant Little Tailor, '60s Virginia's Raven Records, Bob Desper and Sir Royal Da Count and you may be looking at our best and most eclectic issue yet. Not forgetting our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVDs".


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Anonymous said...

# 32....oh oh..we all know what THAT means..there goes MP 3 ...KABOOM!
Then that # 2 means BILLY BOO 222 and SAHARA RED 22- too!
So, talk to us about DISCHYDO ....because if you don't and we find you are hiding something...ROCKY GETS A PART INOUR MOVIE...." KANSAS KINGS"!
Ugg does get " ugly".