Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Like, Misunderstood: a Band, a Journey, a Dream, a Disaster

14 December 2011

Like, Misunderstood:
a Band, a Journey, a Dream, a Disaster

Like, Misunderstood:
a Band, a Journey, a Dream, a Disaster
Rick Brown and Mike Stax
567 pages UT Publishing; 1st edition (January 7, 2008)

from Ugly Things:
A gripping autobiographical novel about the early life of Rick Brown, detailing the story of "The Misunderstood" and their evolution from local garage band heroes to trailblazing Psychedelic icons living in the heart of Swinging London.
Read how the band's heart was ripped out on the eve of their success when Rick was drafted into the US Army, about his daring desertion from boot camp, his escape to a new life in a primitive ashram in North India, and his subsequent adventures as a hunted fugitive.

Befriended by India's elite but forced from sanctuary as US authorities close in, he climbs the Himalayas, taking shelter in a secret ruby mine guarded by 115 year-old "Kali Baba".
Torn between the love of two competing gurus, as well as "Kali Baba" and beautiful Tanny, he is driven over the edge into the mysterious Asian underworld. Bummer!
This is NOT the same material that appeared in UGLY THINGS magazine, but a humorous and thrilling first person narrative in Rick Brown's own words, written with the collaboration of UT editor Mike Stax. This beautifully presented 566-page hardcover book was printed in a limited first edition of just 950 copies. Includes a section with rare photos.

LIKE_MISUNDERSTOOD,mike_stax,rick_brown,psychedelic-rocknroll"There's no disputing that it's an extremely entertaining read - and I can't wait to see the promised film".---Phil McMullen, Terrascope On-line Reviews

"A most engaging and thoroughly fascinating read. It's edge-of-the-seat stuff in a lot of places, and would certainly make for a thrilling and captivating appearance up on the silver screen". --Lenny Helsing, Shindig Magazine