Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Guitar Player Repair Guide 3rd Edition

The Guitar Player Repair Guide
3rd Edition

The Guitar Player Repair Guide - 3rd
Dan Erlewine
322 pages, Backbeat Books; 3 Pap/DVD edition (December 1, 2007)

"The Guitar Player Repair Guide" is the most widely used basic reference in repair shops, featuring factory setup specifications for Martin, Gibson and Fender guitars, in-depth fretting instruction, advice from top repairmen, and much more. The book grew out of "Dan Erlewine"'s popular "Guitar Player magazine" columns. Now in its 3rd edition, it includes lots of recent techniques Dan discovered while repairing every kind of guitar, from the new and inexpensive to the vintage and priceless.
This expanded edition for beginners to experts is a step-by-step manual to maintaining and repairing electric and acoustic guitars and basses. Players learn how to set up a guitar and keep it in top form by mastering basic maintenance. Features an essential DVD that makes guitar maintenance easier than ever. New features include set-up specs of leading players; stronger coverage of guitar electronics, including pickups and wiring diagrams; and expanded coverage of acoustics.

The book was organized into three sections- Basic, DIY, and DEEP. This organization makes it a handy book for beginners and experts alike.
Knowing about guitar set up (Intonation, Pickup Height Adjustment, Fixing a bent or warped guitar neck) especially if you are the owner of an electric guitar kit you have assembled yourself is essential if you really want to get the best out of your guitar kit. It just isn't practical to have someone else look after your guitar especially if you have time and budget constraints. There are a lot of great resources online that will teach the basics but things do go wrong and it is great to have a knowledge base to draw on as often it will take more than determination and will to fix a problem with your guitar.