Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Time Of The Season: The Zombies Collector's Guide

9 January 2012

Time Of The Season:
The Zombies Collector's Guide

Time Of The Season: The Zombies Collector's Guide
Greg Russo
104 pages, Crossfire Publications; Revised edition (February 27, 2007)

excerpt from the book:
Since Rock's inception, many of its artists have thrived on controversy. Whether it was The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Who ot any other British '60s group for that matter, the greater the number of media exposures, the more group members had to explain themselves. With these explanation, many unusual and controversial personal and professional practices were bared. These admission fed the media's appetite and kept the groups in the public's eye.

Yet, it was possible for musiciansto make it artistically and commercially without resorting to scandal. The Zombies were one such group.
By focusing on the intellectual nature of the band, The Zombies music was immediately analyzed on a higher level than many of their contemporaries. As a result, The Zombies carried on without a hint of the controversial drug problems, massive egos and personnel changes that plangued many of their British counterparts.

Time_Of_The_Season_The_Zombies_Collector_s_Guide,book,greg_russo,psychedelic-rocknroll,autographed,Colin_Blunstone,Rod_ArgentWhile teir debute single "She's Not There" was their only sizeable UK hit, that record plus "Tell Her No" and their swansong "Time Of The Season" have proven to be among the most durable and consistently enjoyed records in the US over the past three decades. The sheer long-lasting talent of the group after their late 1967 breakup was borne out by the ensuing record industry activity and success for vocalist Colin Blunstone, keybordist/vocalist Rod Argent, Chris White (bass guitar/vocals), guitarist Paul Atkinson and Hugh Grundy (drums).