Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Vacuum Tube Circuit Design: Guitar Amplifier Preamps

Vacuum Tube Circuit Design:
Guitar Amplifier Preamps

Vacuum Tube Circuit Design: Guitar Amplifier Preamps
Richard Kuehnel
276 pages, Amp Books LLC 2nd edition (September 8, 2009)

An in-depth understanding of preamp circuits is essential to creating a guitar amplifier design that stands out from the crowd.
It is here that the designer gets a first crack at setting the amp's gain, frequency response, and distortion limits. Written for electronic engineers and professional amp builders, "Guitar Amplifier Preamps" moves beyond simplistic advice and cookbook solutions to present a complete guide to the theory and operation of triode and pentode voltage amplification.

From the guitar pickup to the second stage grid, every aspect of circuit design is rigorously explained and thoroughly explored using real-world examples from Ampeg, Fender, Gibson, Laney, Marshall, Matchless, Orange, and VOX.
The frequency shaping and distortion created in the first amplification stage affect the entire signal chain.
"Guitar Amplifier Preamps" helps you get the most out of it.