Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Bomp!: Saving the World One Record at a Time

19 February 2012

Saving the World One Record at a Time

Bomp!: Saving the World One Record at a Time
Suzy Shaw and Mick Farren
301 pages, Ammo Books (October 1, 2007)

"The point of a music revolution is not to replace today's pop stars with a new slate; it is to kick out the jams! Riot in the streets! Do it now! Etc. It's all about direct engagement, and the result of all that activity should be a better time for all, a party that will keep everyone coming back to do it some more. This is what Rock and roll at its best can provide – leading to the idea that perhaps Rock and roll itself should be seen not as a genre, not as a mere noun or even a verb, but also as a process".
Greg Shaw
30 years of Rock'n'roll viewed from the garage.
Features full color repros of the first Rock'n'roll 'zine "Mojo Navigator" (1966 to 1967) as well as its successors, and repros of Bomp fanzine and magazine (1974 to 1979), with original writings by "Lester Bangs", "Greil Marcus", "Ken Barnes", "Gene Sculatti", "Greg Shaw" and many others.
Features in depth interviews and major features on "The Doors", "The Grateful Dead", "The Ramones", Blondie, "The Standells", "The Troggs", "The Runaways", "Sky Saxon and The Seeds", "The Barracudas", "Janis Joplin" and "Big Brother and The Holding Company" and more.
Also includes the missing Bomp magazine issue #22, and the story of the Bomp label.
Edited and introduced by journalist and author "Mick Farren", with essays by "Suzy Shaw" and contributions by "Lenny Kaye", "Peter Case", "Mike Stax", and others.
Includes amazing photos, many previously unseen.
A must have for collectors, historians, musicians and Rock'n'roll lovers everywhere.

A personal note from "Suzy Shaw": "The idea for this book came in the early '80s right after BOMP magazine first folded. It seemed a tragedy that the earliest works of so many great writers and artists would be lost to the ages, and we knew that somehow we needed to reproduce as much of the historic material as we could in book form.
But assembling the material was an enormous task that would involve years of work, a team of artists and writers, and certainly a lot of money.
And although Greg and I never gave up on the idea, we couldn't manage to find the time and make the connections to do it right.
When Greg died I knew it was the most important job I had, as this book is not just the story of BOMP and Greg Shaw, but a unique document of a time, place, and perspective in the history of rock and roll.
This is a work beyond anything Greg and I could have dreamed of, thanks to the hard work and dedication of many talented people, and of course thanks to all of you, my customers, for making it all possible"