Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Stooges: The Authorized and Illustrated Story

The Stooges:
The Authorized and Illustrated Story

The Stooges: The Authorized and Illustrated Story
Robert Matheu
192 pages, Abrams (October 1, 2009)

Formed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1967, "The Stooges" are icons of modern Rock, influencing the fledgling sounds of Punk, Heavy Metal, and Hard Core. From the beginning, lead singer "Iggy Pop" (born "James Osterberg") astounded audiences with his outrageous stage performances, accompanied by guitarist "Ron Asheton", his drummer brother "Scott Asheton", and bassist "Dave Alexander" with their raw and bracing sound.
The group disbanded in 1974, but reunited in 2003 to play before a vastly expanded fan base of over 10 million devotees worldwide, and they continue to tour today.

CREEM photographer "Robert Mattheu"'s stilted writing never dives deeper than anecdotes and base descriptions.
The kinetic photography is a great Stooge family portrait—Pop's onstage writhing matched with the Ashton's dark brooding.
Still, this story is low on what "The Stooges" had in excess: attitude.
"Robert Matheu" compiles the first ever authorized book about the band, "The Stooges" The Authorized and Illustrated Story": this book includes iconic photographs, classic interviews, and vintage articles and ephemera dating from the band's breakout performances in Detroit in the late 1960s through their most recent shows.
With new interviews from every significant member of "The Stooges", past and present, previously unpublished photography, and a Stooges discography, "The Stooges" is the definitive book about this trailblazing band.

The_Stooges_The_Authorized_and_Illustrated_Story,Robert_Matheu,iggy_pop,asheton,1969,psychedelic-rocknroll"Iggy Pop" describes the above image, taken from a 1969 photo shoot for the band's first album cover...
'I didn't want to just be posed there, because we were a band that moved. So I got the other guys on the floor all huddled together, and I decided that I'd jump up over them like Evel Knievel going over the fountain at Caesars -- and just like Evel, I crashed down on Scottie [drummer Scott Asheton, the guy in the middle] and went face first into the cement floor. Scottie was always cool about those things, 'cause I crashed into him a lot over the years. So I went to the hospital to get stitched up and came back the next day'.