Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Who: Maximum R & B

8 February 2012

The Who: Maximum R & B

"The Who: Maximum R and B"
Richard Barnes
168 pages, Plexus Publishing; 5th edition (September 27, 2004)

"The Who" are an English Rock band formed in 1964 by "Roger Daltrey" (lead vocals, harmonica and guitar), "Pete Townshend" (guitar, keyboards and vocals), "John Entwistle" (bass guitar, brass and vocals) and "Keith Moon" (drums and percussion).
They became known for energetic live performances which often included instrument destruction.
Fusing black American Rock with London's mod sixties style, "The Who" remains a potent force in Rock and roll even after almost 40 years.

"Richard Barnes", a close friend of "The Who" for over 30 years, presents an intimate story of the group that is also a colourful pictorial joyride including over 400 photographs, press cuttings, posters and complete US and UK discographies.
On the rainy and dark evening of November the 24th 1964 "The Who" performed their first gig at "The Marquee" club for an audience no bigger than 40 people, which actually was the start of a Thursday residency that lasted for seven weeks.
The show was published by the new band's managers who printed special black and white posters of "The Who" and concession cards under the tag line of "Maximum R&B".

The Who at the Marquee club 1966

However in a few weeks "The Who" broke the attendance records which remained during all of their appearances at "The Marquee".
This fully updated edition now runs from their earliest days to the recent Broadway and London stagings of the Rock opera Tommy.
Updated to include an introduction by "Pete Townshend".