Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Cookin' Mama - New Day (MAGNIFICENT FOLK-ROCK SF SOUND US 1972)


Cookin' Mama were from Marin County (San Francisco Bay Area) includes "Sherry Fox" (vocals pre-Oasis and R. J. Fox), "Paul Hann" (saxophone, percussion, vocals), "Jesse Harms" (piano, organ, congas, vocals), "Vince Palazzotto" (drums, percussion, vocals), "Lou Sarrica" (bass guitar), "Kevin (Charles) Smith" (percussion, vocals), "Tommy Thompson" (guitar, organ, bass, percussion, vocals - who later joined Gregg Allman Band), "Pat Thrall" (guitar, percussion, vocals - who performed with "Glenn Hughes" of "Deep Purple", "Meat Loaf", "Pat Travers" and Asia to name a few), "Preston Thrall" (percussion) and "Paul Trousdale" (saxophone, flute).

A fitting name for this outfit as they play cookin' Rock'n'roll, the late-'60s San Francisco variety. Riding the trend set by SF jam bands like "Quicksilver Messenger Service", "Moby Grape" and "The Grateful Dead", Cookin' Mama rocks heavily with sure-footed crankin' bluesy electric guitar riffs through nine original tunes like "New Day", "Dice Of Life", "What Will You Do" and "2 A.M. Jam". There's a lot of background rhythm sax that also brings to mind the funkiness of "Average White Band" or the classic Rock edge of Chicago's debut. Parts even remind me of great "Wilson McKinley" and Joshua. Spiritual songs such as "I Don't Fear No Evil" (inspired by Psalm 23), "Feelin' Good" and "Little Children" play alongside more secular slice-of-life musings like "Just To Pass The Day" and "Out The Door".
Original press bears the title "New Day", shows a photo of the band on the front and with blue labels ("CFS Records 3007" Stereo, 1972). There's also a 1980 self-titled re-issue on Picc-A-Dilly Records with an illustration of a waitress serving a steaming record. Ken Scott – "The Archivist").

Photo above (front sleeve) : from left to right, Lou Sarrica, Paul Trousdale, Preston Thrall, Pat Thrall, Paul Hahn (behind Pat), Kevin (Charles) Smith (behind Paul/Sherri), Sherri Fox, Tommy Thompson, Jesse Harms, Vince Palazzotto.