Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Standells - Try it (POP 60s GARAGE US 1967)

24 January 2015

The Standells - Try it (POP 60s GARAGE US 1967)

The original Standells band was formed in 1962 by lead vocalist and keyboard player "Larry Tamblyn", with guitarist "Tony Valentino" (aka "Emilio Bellissimo"), bass guitarist "Jody Rich", and drummer "Benny King" (aka Hernandez).
"The Standells" band name was created by "Larry Tamblyn", derived from standing around booking agents' offices trying to get work. In early 1962, drummer "Benny King" joined the group, and as "The Standels", their first major performance was in Honolulu at the Oasis Club. After several months, Rich and King departed. Tamblyn then assumed leadership of the group.

He and Valentino re-formed "The Standels", adding bass guitarist "Gary Lane" and drummer "Gary Leeds", later known as "Gary Walker" of "The Walker Brothers". Later that year, the band lengthened its name to "Larry Tamblyn and The Standels". In 1963 an extra "L" was added, and as "Larry Tamblyn and The Standells" the group made its first recording "You'll Be Mine Someday" / "Girl In My Heart" for Linda Records (Linda ‎112, 1963). In the latter part of the year, the band permanently shortened its name to "The Standells".

The Standells: "Try It" / "Poor Shell Of A Man", Tower Records 310, 1967

After "The Standells" signed with "Liberty Records" in 1964, "Gary Leeds" left the group, and was replaced by lead vocalist and drummer "Dick Dodd". Dodd was a former Mouseketeer who had been the original drummer for "The Bel-Airs", known for the Surf Rock song "Mr. Moto", and eventually became the singer who sang lead on all of "The Standells" hit songs.
The Standells live in 1967: Larry Tamblyn, Tony Valentino, Dick Dodd and John Fleck with "Eko Electric Violin Bass" 995/2

In 1965 the group - Dodd, Tamblyn, Valentino and Lane - signed with "Capitol Records"' label "Tower Records", teaming up with producer "Ed Cobb". Cobb wrote the group's most popular song, "Dirty Water", which the band recorded in late 1965.
In early 1966, after recording "Dirty Water", Dodd briefly left "The Standells", and was replaced by "Dewey Martin", who became a member of "Buffalo Springfield". Dodd returned to the group several months later. "Dirty Water" reached No. 11 on the Billboard charts on June 11, 1966, No. 8 on the Cashbox charts on July 9, 1966 and No. 1 on the Record World charts.
"Gary Lane"
left the group in 1966, and was replaced by bass guitarist "Dave Burke". "John Fleck" (born "John William Fleckenstein"), formerly of Love, replaced Burke in early 1967. In 1968, "Dick Dodd" left the band to pursue a solo career.

Larry Tamblyn with "Vox Continental Organ" in studio recording, 1967

The first single to feature "John Fleck" on bass is "Try It", arguably "The Standells"' finest record. However, despite becoming an immediate hit in L.A., the record is soon banned by radio stations at the direction of rightwing moral majority radio mogul "Gordon McLendon" who argues that "Try It" is a blatant request for teenage girls to lose their virginity.
"The Standells"' final studio album "Try It" (Tower Records ST 5098, 1967) released in October 1967 is a mixed effort, despite the outstanding title track. The early "Pink Floyd"-like "All Fall Down", "Barracuda", and especially "Riot on Sunset Strip" are top-notch Pop-Punk...