Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Jericho - Jericho (POWERFUL PSYCHEDELIC HARD-ROCK ISRAEL 1972)

14 February 2015


Jericho ("Miki Gavrielov" bass guitar and vocals, "Robb Huxley" guitar and vocals, "Danny Shoshan" vocals, "Haim Romano" lead guitar, mandolin and vocals, "Ami Triebitch" drums) was originally "Tel Aviv" from Israel and they were known as "The Churchill's": in 1968 they released one selftitled album, one of the most sought-after Psychedelic records in the world.

In 1969, British guitarist "Robb Huxley" (ex-"The Tornados") hooked up with "The Churchill's" amid a tour through Israel and seemingly lured them back to England, where they eventually renamed themselves "Jericho Jones" and released in 1971 an album entitled "Junkies Monkeys and Donkeys", to little acclaim. Finally, the band name was shortened to Jericho.

During 1972 Jericho recorded the eponymous album (AMLS 68079 UK 1972) at "Command Studios" in London.
Jericho made this fairly stunning record which sadly vanished as quickly as it had appeared.
The album can be pretty heavy in places, but the real appeal lies in the wonderful guitar interplay and use of strong vocal harmonies.

"Ethiopia" instantly memorable with it's twisting guitar lines, and "Don't Let Me Down" is strong "Led Zeppelin"-styled mid-tempo romp.
"Justin And Nova" is the heavy Psychedelic one, with orchestral strings.
"Featherbed" has a few tempo changes ranging from hard and fast with blazing guitar solos, to slow with extended Psychedelic guitar echoing and distortion.
"Kill Me With Your Love" is a very heavy, hard rocking song.

There is a range of moods from the gentle acoustic to Hard-Rock. The heavier stuff is never gratuitous and always highly melodic.
Jerico's sole album is one of the killers of the Hard-Rock scene.
They split up shortly after this release and returned to Israel.